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  1. No problem. Just keep trying, we panicked when it didn't work right away thinking something was wrong. It'll eventually work. Do note that the scheduling website will lock you out if you keep changing your interview appointment. We got locked out just because we kept clicking on different dates (according to some, your supposed to only get locked out if you confirm appointment and change it but we didn't even do that. And we weren't given a warning message either, like others have received.) Good luck!
  2. Okay we'll try that. Thanks. And if it doesn't work, and the i94 has expired, we wait for the EAD? Or are there complications there too and we're better off waiting for the GC? Thanks
  3. You'll know when you enter receipt # when you try to schedule your interview. If it works, it's activated. If not, wait a few more hours. Ours took 24 hours even though it was supposed to be after 4 hours. I don't know how they clear the payment... So since it's Saturday, it may take a little longer
  4. Thanks but it's not so much that we don't know what to do more of we want to go to a SSA that knows how to do it. I've read on here that some SSAs are better than others, hence why some are advised to go to a different SSA office Just wondering if someone in the area have had experience. Thanks tho
  5. I've been hearing about how hard it is to get a SSA to issue a SSN to a K1 holder. We're looking for a good SSA (knows what to do) in the Northern KY/Southern OH area. Thanks!
  6. It'd be helpful if you post the rfe letter itself. Personal statements/affidavits are not the best evidence. We'd be able to advise you better if we know what USCIS is asking for exactly.
  7. Not true for the i129f phase. For k1 phase, yes bec Manila embassy usually has very short ap, if any. It may just seem the PH is getting noa2s faster since there are a lot more people with Filipino fiances hence it pops up on the list more frequently
  8. You have a lot more waiting to do. A June Filer just got their NOA2 after 154 days...
  9. Sorry to piggyback. We're filling out the profile on ustraveldocs and it's asking for a delivery address with choices of pick up and delivery. But It says on the P3 (from Greenbaum) that we need to designate a delivery address. We want to do a pick up at 2go MOA, is that an acceptable designation? Or do we have to fill in an address for delivery? @Hank_ @Sarge2155 thanks
  10. Will update, thanks. She lives in Batangas so traveling to Manila is around 3 hours, with the traffic maybe 5 Which is why we wanted an afternoon session.
  11. Do we get the confirmation email right away? (Within the day) It kinda sucks that we can't choose, she lives far from the location and would have to travel a few hours.
  12. Thanks, when do they assign the time? In the confirmation email? On the day itself? We're hoping to do an afternoon session.
  13. Do they assign the time slot (am/pm)? We're trying to schedule cfo next week but we're only able to select the date not the session.
  14. Good to know, thanks Yea, my fiance thought she had to get a new one again, with one purpose as CFO and one as USEM. Apparently the nbi clearance used to ask for purpose as well and it used to depend on it what you pay. Smh Status is at nvc. We just got it yesterday, I don't know if we'll make the shipment next week ? We'd love to interview next month but with all the Filipino festivities I don't know if we'll be able too Yup that's been bookmarked from the get go. Thanks for all you do!
  15. My fiance ordered her cenomar, when she got it, it said when it was issued (Nov 2019) and that there's no record of her getting married at that time. We just got our case # and are most likely going to interview in January 2020, does she have to get a new cenomar then? With a January 2020 issue date? Also, for the purpose of getting a cenomar she checked the box Passport/Travel and that's what it says on the cenomar. Is that okay? Or should she check Others and then put USEM K-1 Visa?
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