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  1. Are these just your assumptions or you have personal knowledge/experienced on this subject matter.
  2. i wonder if Beto, Behar, Mom's for action will be the first in line to confiscate guns. or they should try in on criminals first as a trial.
  3. i trained with Ed Calderon few years back and he is legit. Kinda shed light to the recent events.
  4. i worked in a county jail. they make the temperature colder deliberately and alter sleeping pattern of inmates to make them more docile and compliant.
  5. catch and release program is like pulling over a DUI driver and let him go after failing the sobriety test.
  6. where's the outrage and boycott? 24/7 media coverage? trending on twitter? ***crickets ***
  7. i don't see any downside of it. A lot of western countries such as Canada, Australia etc. have strict guidelines when it comes to immigration. But would not be surprised that they will flipped it as racist policy.
  8. i've been inside a maximum security cell like a thousand times and you need an anchor point to hang yourself(unless someone assisted you lol) but it's all high ceiling. high risk/high profile are in 24/7 camera but then again.. no footage was recorded is my best guess.
  9. i am unlucky enough to worked with the worst of the worst in my neck of woods. Understanding the criminal paradigm and how their mind operates is a thing to behold. They are not like us and share the same morals like the rest of the population. They will bash your head and hurt you real bad and eat breakfast right after without any remorse. With that said... always trust your gut instinct(6th sense) and highly recommend reading the book "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin da Becker.
  10. 99% of these people who broad brush there assessment don't have or any personal experience regarding of the subject matter. (watching CNN/MSNBC does not count). I was fortunate enough to have enough friends and training partners through the years who works in LE and border patrol. A lot of them are good people and they are just like us.
  11. ballot harvesting is another form of cheating to usurp power by the democrats. it's weird that majority of republican control counties for years lost right after ballot harvesting was in play.
  12. 2011 article.. but it does illustrates that the danger of women is worldwide. but USA in top 10? i totally disagree. https://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/peace-corps-gang-rape-volunteer-jess-smochek-us/story?id=12599341
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