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  1. ICE don't care of your feelings. they only uphold the law as being tasked. some of you here read what happened to us. and yes they will take your passport so you will be forced to report. my suggestion, hire a very competent lawyer or your wife will be subject to deportation.
  2. as far as my recollection goes, she obtained an EAD so she can work with other employers part time. When she applied for adjustment of status and that's where they found out that she was out of status for 3 months. Then it was going down hill from there. It's really a tough learning curved for us.
  3. We got married after she had issues with her immigration. Early 2000's, H1B immigration processing i believed is a tad different compared to the current system. I could be wrong though but based on my reading here at VF. But in all honesty we don't really know much how the immigration processing works but simply trusted our companies lawyers. Hind sight is 20/20 i wish i could have prevented it but there's no do over.
  4. FOR THE RECORD: I'm not asking for sympathy nor looking for attention. Im sharing my story to give warning it can happen to anyone if you are not on point with immigration issues.
  5. my bad i got stucked with a crazy inmate that we have to sedate him. (i worked in prison)😝 LOL i can't edit my first post so here comes part 2: Continuation: July 2011 that we flew back to Philippines with the plan to have our children go to school and my wife stays with her parents in Davao. ICE gave her a piece of paper to board PAL and needs to be certified in the US Embassy when she arrive to her home country. After we arrived in Manila, we went straight to the US Embassy and i dreaded that we have to stay for a long line to get in. Mind you, we have 2 kids in tow and the youngest is barely over a year old. Fortunately, i have my green card and CA drivers license with me that the guard in the embassy let us in reserved for US Citizens only. My wife was told to go one of the interview room and she gave the ICE paper to the lady in charge. We left Manila and flew to Davao the next day. It's was a surreal experienced for us since we never thought it could happened. Both of us come to the US legally, both professionals, no records of arrest or any shady dealings. And yet, we are being punished for an error made by her employers. But it is what it is, we have to moved on and adapt to the situation. After spending 4 weeks in Philippines, i have to go back to California and leaving my family was one of the hardest things ive experienced in my life. It was really hard specially for my 4 year old and he keeps crying it was unfair and why i have to leave. It's a bittersweet goodbye but i choose not to give up but keeps moving forward. After i arrived in Stockton, alone in the apartment.. it just hits me that i'm pretty much by myself with my family thousands of miles away. Talked about my faith was tested that it almost reached to its breaking point. I only have 2 options, give up or fight back. It's gonna be long fight since the incident triggers the 10 year bar. Still a lot of unknowns and i have to be strategic with my approach. First, fired my worthless lawyer and hired a very well known immigration attorney. Retainer fee is $15,000 up front and a payment plan for another $15,000 but they have to asked me several times if there was fraud involved. I told the attorney, no.. it was just mistake of wrong filing of paper works from her previous employer. My wife was just out of status for 3 months but for some reasons it triggered a deportation hearing. So they accepted the case and i have to submit all the necessary documents and have to pay all the fees filed through the INS. Needs to file those waivers I 601 and other stuff necessary to win the case. Fast forward: I dreaded the week end, being alone can easily consumed someones mental health. One of my lawyers paralegal recommended to see a psychiatrist to checked if i suffered depression, that will help the case. I told her NO.. i refused to be a VICTIM. Im sure there are other positive ways to get it done besides that diagnosis will be permanent on my medical records. So i have to send pictures and other documents that showed im rooted in my area. 2013 I received my US citizenship and went to Fresno ALONE for my Naturalization. Fast forward: Albeit the distance between us, my family were thriving in Davao. My kids get high honors and were into sports. I come home once a year for 4 weeks that's our bonding moments and we treasured every time we were together. Coming back to CA was always bittersweet. Late 2016 when i was notified by my lawyer I 485 was approved and my wife was scheduled to be interviewed in the US embassy. Late 2017 when my wife was given an immigrant VISA. After she had the passport and visa in hand and i scheduled a flight ASAP. I arrived Friday in Philippines and flew back on Sunday with my whole family in stow. Fast forward: My wife is back working and had her green card. In 2020 she will be eligible for her citizenship. Hard Lessons: 1. It was costly lesson for us. We lost our house and got hit big time financially from lawyers fees, lost wages, travel expenses etc. But in the end, Family matters most. 2. Take seriously and be on point with your immigration issues. 3. The US Government is not your friend but i still love this adoptive country and im a PROUD AMERICAN. 4. Resiliency and mental toughness. Go get it.
  6. i have been a long time lurker and finally have the time share my story of the horrors immigration journey. 😊 Back story: My wife and i were both Philippine citizens when we moved to USA. I came over in 1999 and my wife followed in 2001 both through an H1B Visa. She's is a Physical Therapist and i'm an RN working in medical fields. We resided in Louisville, Kentucky for several years prior moving to California. The trouble started when she applied for a renewal of her EAD when her agency made a big mistake of re applying that it resulted to a 3 month gap resulted for her being out of status. However she was still issued with an EAD every year and still able to continue to work in a skilled nursing facility. Until 2006 that we received a deportation order to appear with an immigration judge in San Francisco. We hired an attorney to represent us and plead if she could stay since we pretty rooted in Stockton and by that time we already have a son. Unfortunately i was not a US citizen yet and the immigration judge pretty much throw us under the bus. Both obeyed the law and paid outrageous amount of tax money but apparently. We plead again for years until final deportation order came in 2009. And by that my wife was pregnant again with our second child. So crux was go back to the Philippines 8 months pregnant or stay till she gave birth and face the consequence later. So we decided for her to stay so she can avail my health insurance and will gave her some serious emotional support. My wife gave birth to a very healthy baby and unfortunately we ignore the final deportation date. After spending thousands of dollars for lawyers fees, we foreclosed our house coz my wife had to stop working since she can no longer gain employment for being out of status. We settled in a nice apartment complex while to children and dreaded for the days to come. In 2011 that my wife heard a knock on the door and there were several ICE agents outside. My wife let them in and instead of taking her to a holding facility and hand cuffed her . For better judgement because of our 2 young children they gave her a date to appear in ICE Fresno office. The ICE agents even gave her a suggestion to apply for***profanity removed*** EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE so she can stay. After 4 weeks we went to FRESNO ICE office and they put her in locked cell for 6 hours. My boys and i where in the car waiting with several scenarios playing in my head but they let her go with slip that she needs get out of the country in 4 months. Edit: to be continued /lunch break
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