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  1. Be prepared to have it denied. K1s can be difficult to obtain even under the best of circumstances. Also, the K1 is more expensive. Have you thought about doing the CR1? It's not for everyone but if you are looking for a safer way to get approved, cost less and avoid extensive administrative processing, I would recommend the CR1. I should say though, you should have lots of evidence regardless if it's a K1 or CR1. Good luck.
  2. In regards to K1s being denied, I can only state what I have observed. Although you may not have received your denial papers, there are others that have received them. You also stated previously that contacting a congressman was of no help. I believe that depends on the Congressman and the amount of power he/she has. I have seen first hand, some are better than others. Some simply send a generic letter of inquiry, while others call and seem to be able to find out details. I have a friend that found out some crucial information regarding her IOE case by contacting a congressman’s office. This was information that she had not been able to find out through her numerous calls to the USCIS and NVC even with speaking to upper levels of support. I also suspect my Congressman office assisted us in getting our I130 approved faster due to an USCIS error. This is only suspicion though and I don’t have any real proof. What I can say with the Immigration process is there is no certainty of anything. As soon as you say something won’t happen, it does. What happened for you in 2009, may be completely different for those waiting now. For that matter, what happens for me may be completely different than those that come after or before me. Have a Merry Christmas.
  3. Ok thanks. I was asking for another individual who was told there was a timeline for APs.
  4. So, K1s are hard. Although this year Casa is up by over 100 approvals as of November, it’s not an option I would do. For one think the K1 was meant to be faster but the timeline on them getting an appointment is 5-6 months. You add that to the time at the USCIS and it’s about the same as the CR1/IR1. Then factor in the costs for the fiancé visa which increased around $3000 compared to the CR1 which is about $1000. The last factor is that a huge percentage of K1s aren’t approved. So you stated you are 6 months from your interview, I would not wait much longer. At this point, I would see about an attorney and see what your options are. I know with the CR1 they can file a Writ or WOM but K1s have less rights so I’m not sure this is an option. What I have observed from many of the K1s that go into eternal AP is one of two things happens: 1. They are eventually approve (rarely) or 2. They allow for it to expire essentially denying the visa. My understanding is that they can’t deny the K1 so they return it to the USCIS and they deny it because it’s expired. Through the Freedom of Information Act you can obtain a copy of the notes and determine why you were essentially denied which will help you for refilling. The longer you wait the more time you waste being apart. Also you might want to think about getting married in Morocco. I know this is an easier task for male Moroccans than females but you could get started on your CR1. You might also want to check out the Moroccan FB groups, there’s like three of them to help you further. Wishing you the best on your visa journey.
  5. I’m looking for timelines on AP processing on VJ, is there such a thing or is it just of random posts. TIA.
  6. To be honest from everything that I have read it's no one thing that gets you approved or denied, it's the summation of the documents that you submit or they find. The key is keep very good documents. Take lots of pictures with friends, family and places you go. Things that we have gathered in addition to normal family and places we have been in Morocco, are pictures of other American/Moroccan couples that we have met up with. I honestly don't know if this will help, but my logic was, they want to see normal couple relationships, which is what we presented. We actually took a couples vacation with another American and Moroccan to Chefchaouen. It was a wonderful trip with lots of great photo opportunities. One of the other types of pictures that I've heard people talk about were activities that you have done together such as cooking together. It shows he have similar interests. Chats, I have a friend her husband had his interview last week, she had been to Morocco 3 or 4 times this year, but because she didn't have her chat logs from the very beginning of their relationship, they were placed in AP. Other things you should consider are placing your spouse on your health insurance, having a joint rental agreement or on some sort of bank note. You can also add them on your car insurance and I've seen some add to credit cards and bank accounts. I have a credit union so they wouldn't allow me to add my husband to my account. Anyway best of luck to you.
  7. Yes, if you stay in a hotel, you will be required to show proof you are married. We stayed in a Riad in Marrakech and showed our marriage license. With that said, there are some AirBnB or private apartments that don’t require proof.
  8. So at least your attorney didn’t say anything. When I was filing for I129F K3, there were multiple attorneys and individuals on VJ that were stating that it was an obsolete process and how wrong me and a few others were for even considering filing the I129F. I’m the one laughing now. Our I130 was approved in 5 months a far cry from the 12-16 months that the USCIS states that Nebraska takes to approve. So here’s the deal, the I129F K3 seems to mostly work on LIN numbers (Nebraska SC). There are 100’s of individuals that have now been approved, not just a few. And it is not too late to apply. There are people that have applied at the 12 month mark. The cost is nothing if you have applied for your I130 and received your NOA1 notification. There has been no down side to this. It is legal and absolutely nothing wrong with filing it. Because of the increase in filing, they are taking longer, some 60-90 days but it’s still better than waiting 16 months. I realize you are through the process now, but honestly you were in the Texas SC so it would not have most likely helped to file the I129F. Good luck in your journey.
  9. Someone was talking about calling the NVC to get their case looked at more frequently, stating that a NVC representative said call back in a couple of weeks. Funny, I've called the NVC twice now and both times they referred me to their processing times and said that each case was different. Even when I told one of them, that I had seen someone's case approved in 2 hours. I don't understand what makes some cases move really fast and others move at a snail's pace. I sure hope mine is DQ'd this week.
  10. It is more than likely the I129F K3 filers from Nebraska. There has been a large surge with the success of applying and having the I130’s approved faster.
  11. Yes, you see who has their noa2 and then go into their timeline. We have our NVC number. Waiting on our DQ then approval, then interview.
  12. There’s a lot of us. If you go on Igor’s list you can go to April and see. 😉
  13. I’ve heard there is a problem with transferring IOE cases to the NVC.
  14. You should hear something soon. I would not file an I129F for Texas.
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