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  1. My fiance and I picked up his passport with his K-1 visa today at the local postoffice along with a sealed manila envelope of documents. A bunch of photos in a sealed clear plastic bag were attached to the envelope with a binder clip. My fiance's photo is taped to the manila envelope but we were able to look at the photos clipped to the envelope (did not open the plastic bag) and they are of a completely different family. Has anyone had this problem before? Obviously we cannot open the manila envelope but we are concerned the documents may not be my fiance's. My instinct is to go to the embassy to make sure that the documents inside are my fiance's and not the family's (and possibly to return the photos to the embassy). Any ideas would be appreciated! I should add the visa in the passport looks fine, it's just the attached photos.
  2. Hi, I'm curious if anyone on here has had a similar issue. My fiance and I are still waiting for him to get an interview at the embassy, however his passport is going to expire at the end of July. Ordinarily he would just renew it but there is currently an armed conflict happening in his home state and his ethnic group is being specifically targeted. Discrimination against his ethnic group has drastically increased including preventing them from boarding international flights or interrogating them for hours before they board international flights (also firing from jobs, imprisonment etc). It's unlikely he will be able to renew his passport or they may confiscate his passport and then he just wouldn't have anything. Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Is it better to show up with an expiring passport or no passport because it was taken away but at least we tried?
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