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  1. Is your interview in Baghdad? Is it for K-1 fiancé visa? My fiancé doesn't have the affidavit of suppose and w2 on his interview checklist. Do you? I realized that the post was for a mid June interview. Did you complete the interview? How did it go? Did you need the affidavit of support and tax info for the K-1 visa interview? Thanks.
  2. Hello All, Ellen and Barq here, newbies. We just today received our notice from NVC that my finance's file is being transferred to Baghdad. I read the next steps on the Travel.state.gov website. We have a few questions specific to the process in Baghdad for those you have recently been through it. Perhaps some of our questions will be answered when we receive more info from the Embassy but in the meanwhile, we would like input from the people who have been through the process. 1. Where does my fiancé get the police certificate? Is there a fee for it? Does it need to be translated into English? 2. Addresses in Iraq maybe difficult to locate and I'm told internal postal service doesn't really exist. 2. a ) How will my fiancé receive his next packet of info? 2. b) How long did it take to receive contact from the embassy once the NVC sent the case to Baghdad? 3. Regarding the interview, 3.a) How many days did it take to get an appointment after the contact from the embassy? 3. b) what time was the interview appointment? 3. c) please describe the process in the embassy for the interview appointment 3. d) Approximately how many questions and how much time was spend in the interview in the consular? overall impression of the interview process and actual interview any and all information, feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome We understand that every case is unique. We appreciate you taking time to read and reply to our inquiry. Feel free to reply in Arabic and/or English. Arabic is easier for my fiancé to understand as it is his first, native language. He would appreciate correspondence in Arabic. English is my first language. Thank you in advance.
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