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  1. Congratulations .. Wish I had a legit reason to expedite, but we don't. We are just going to wait for the embassy to start processing visas again and wait for our interview.
  2. Congratulations, good luck.. hope it goes well. please post an update in order for us to know what to expect. We are still DQ but at NVC, have not tranfered.
  3. We got DQ on May 30th. I contacted NVC and they don’t have anything yet and told me just wait till they start hearing from the Guatemala embassy on interviews.
  4. I got the email on July 15 with the updates, but I am going to call them today and see what information I get from NVC.
  5. Here you: https://step.state.gov/STEPMobile/Default.aspx sign up and choose the country you plan on visiting. You register as a traveler and they will send you emails related to the country you indicated.
  6. We got DQ in May and the embassy had already halted interviews, so we are waiting on our interview. I signed up for STEP notifications from the embassy and that’s how I get notifications.
  7. I received a general email from the embassy in Guatemala today indicating that non-immigrant visa are not being processed, but immigrant visa are now being processed specially CR1/IR1. Hopefully we can get on the list for our CR1 visa. So we can add Guatemala to the sites that have started processing spousal visas. https://gt.usembassy.gov/es/cambios-en-los-servicios-de-visas-debido-al-covid-19/
  8. Yes, you have to sign up for STEP notifications, you create an account and choose your embassy. They will send you notifications each time the embassy has something to share: S mart T raveler E nrollment P rogram : https://step.state.gov/step/
  9. Hello, just to add to the embassy notifications. I received this from the US Embassy in Guatemala this morning. Looks like they are not opening any time soon.
  10. Hello Everyone, We submitted documents to NVC on FEB 24th originally, Got RFE for police certificate on May 14th, Submitted police documents on May 17th, Got DQ today Saturday May 30th, received DQ email at 6:46AM... Just waiting on the embassy to open. Thank you for all the support, see you all at the next stage.
  11. Thank you for the links and assistance, I was able to submit online and email them. I asked if they can email the information to me instead of pick up as the country is now locked down 24x7 for the next couple of days.
  12. No, they did not..... and they actually indicated that those get automatically declined. They only accept Ministerio Publico. 1. Organismo Judicial Corte Suprema de Justicia Guatemala C.A - PROVIDED 2. Direccion General Policía Nacional Civil - PROVIDED 3. Ministerio Publico - (PENDING RE-OPENING)
  13. This is the one that was missing. I submitted the request today, the instructions are somewhat vague, but I’ll see if I can pull one. Thanks for the link, took me a while to find it in the afternoon.
  14. Feb 24th 2020 document submission to NVC: Today we almost got DQ, instead we got RFE for Police Certificate only.. There are 3 entities here in Guatemala that provide this service. We submitted certificates for 2 of them and not the 3rd, they wanted the certificates from the 3rd. So, will send explanation of offices being shutdown and hopefully I can present the papers during the interview. Hopefully not going all the way to the back of the line 😩
  15. We are also Feb 24th.. no updates yet. But I called NVC last week and they explained that we were on track and to wait another week or two for any notifications. I am checking daily...😃
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