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  1. March 2019? This is absurd.. have you received anything yet?? Are you k1 or cr1/ir1?
  2. Have you received an interview letter yet?
  3. Nope waiting almost 2 months now for interview
  4. My husband went to do it before uploading docs to NVC he was told the embassy has to request it during the interview.
  5. From the embassy Wow I have heard DR is embassy is faster, hopefully you hear something soon
  6. Has anyone recently received an interview letter from the embassy in Haiti? Or how long have you been waiting for IL?
  7. Thank you so much for your reply. How long after receiving the expedite receipt did yours get approved.? They will for a phone interview or to schedule the appointment?
  8. There's about a 7 months backlogged at the Haiti Embassy, if NVC approves an expedite is the embassy going to expedite also? Do i have to schedule the interview appointment and is it better? Anybody has any experience please share.
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