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  1. Congrats! Hopefully NFBP and us aren’t far behind you. Thanks again for always posting info on here. Definitely was able to learn quite a bit though your experiences.
  2. Thank you for the full explanation and recommendation! Overall, I’m very happy to hear it went well outside of the med exam paperwork. We are still waiting for package 4 to setup the interview. Again, thank you again for all the info and tips. Let us know how everything plays out and I hope it happens quickly for you!
  3. Karry, I can only speak to the DCF process, but suspect it’s similar to the others. NOA1 = Notice of Action. It’s basically the very first receipt/notification you get back in the mail saying that the USCIS has received your application.
  4. MarcusMarc, thanks for keeping everyone updated and providing lessons learned. What exactly package 3? We just got our NOA2 today! Just was curious what you were defining as package 3 thanks!
  5. Well, we are starting to get worried. We haven't gotten our NOA2 yet and it looks like a few folks who got their NOA1 after us have already received their NOA2. I emailed on 30 July for a status update and still have not heard anything back. Tried calling and can't get a hold of anyone. Anyone got any additional tips other than to just keep trying? We are at day 111 since we got the NOA1 in the mail and day 118 from the date on the NOA1 receipt from USCIS...
  6. Haven't told you congrats yet, but congrats! I guess my hunch for your timeline was right in the other thread. I think we will probably get ours by the end of next week.
  7. Skalg, If I had to guess I would plan on 4.5 months from NOA1. I’m basing this on this users timeline as well as this thread discussion. The website with the timelines is clearly wrong or is statistically skewed lower from submissions much earlier in the year. We are still waiting on NOA2 and submitted it 3 weeks after NFPB. NFPB, I bet you get NOA2 either this week or next week. I think it’s taking 100-120 days from NOA1. Then add another month to get the final packet. Can you repost in this thread to let us know once you get it? It will help others get a feel of more accurate timelines. It sounds like the closure of all the USCIS offices overseas by 2020 to bring them back to the US to help with the border processing backlog will impact every DCF and significantly increase immigration timelines. I will be curious to see if the DCF USCIS immigration option is completely eliminated or if they will just transfer that role to the Embassies. My hunch is it will be eliminated and everyone will have to file through one of the lockbox facilities. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-nation/2019/03/12/U-S-closing-immigration-offices-located-overseas/stories/201903130060
  8. Original poster - Doing the DCF process with my wife now. Unfortunately, to my knowledge the advice from Paul & Mary is not possible. You can’t setup an appointment and do the initial paperwork. The I-130 first has to be submitted via mail. They state a 90 day timeline to either request additional information from you or setup an interview if everything looks ok. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/international-offices/germany-frankfurt-field-office There was a recent post about their timelines extending past the 90 days even though previous evidence showed about a 2 month process. We will see what happens with my own package.
  9. Add us as another couple that is getting anxious. Hadn’t hit the 90 days yet but are getting close. Submitted the I-130 mid April and got 1st acceptance notification not long after. McDuffs can you post on here any updates you may get? Just gives us a timeline idea.
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