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  1. It's been 4 months since interview and 3 months since submitted Questionnaire. CR1 isb pakistan us embassy. Anyone has any information on how much longer is it going to take?
  2. I asked them if they needed any documents or have received all required documents but they still sent the generic email back.
  3. When I submitted the DS fourm i did not receive an email back but my status updated multiple time for a week or so. I also did ask in my inquiry if further documents were needed and still an automated reply. What kind of comfirmation did you receive after submitting DS fourm?
  4. It's been 4 months today since my wifes interview. They asked for DS fourm 2 months ago and was submitted. Any hope CR1 Visa Islamabad embassy? Have not had a update since the first week after submitting the DS fourm. Only updated for inquiry last week. Which was an automated response.
  5. How long have you been waiting. Have you seen anyone get approved yet and how long it took for simple case. My wife had never traveled outside the country has almost no background in anything really. She is only 23 and I'm 26
  6. Filled out the questioner about 1 month ago. Haven't got any updates yet. Isb embassy CR1 Visa. Interview date was 2 months ago. Fourm email came exactly a month after the interview. Once that was submitted status almost updated everyday but than it stopped 15days ago. No updates. Can someone please share who has the same experience? Timeline? Interview 27th March. CO asked to submit more pictures online. Questionnaire 29th April. Last Update May13th.
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