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  1. Sure.. just prefer an official list. Seems like a lot of stuff is outdated.
  2. So how does that work? They are going to mail the beneficiary a list of what they want or?
  3. I'm looking at the instructions for the I-134. Isn't that the same for everyone?
  4. Hello, If my current job is sufficient salary (100k+), can i just put N/A or $0 for Savings,Checking,Stocks and Bonds account? I have all these but I don't want to fill out or provide more proof that necessary. Should I write N/A or 0? For my current job, could I send in my original offer letter? Is that sufficient? I could also print out some pay stubs. Also do I need to send proof of my last job as well? I will have held this job for about 5 months or so by the time I send in the I-134. Should I send proof dating back to 1 year or more? I am NOT self employed, can I still send a tax return as further proof?
  5. Thanks for the link. I was going to ask about whether he'd have to go twice! Oh man.. that sucks!
  6. saying it is a certain way with no explanation is not a good answer. you shouldn't just believe anyone on the internet. i think i have a right to doubt anyone's answer. Jorgedig actually attempted to give a reason as an answer other than "this isn't my first rodeo." 🙄
  7. Anyone sponsor a Scottish person and they were able to go to Edinburgh instead of London for their interview?
  8. Is there an official IRS list with the documents they will need for the interview?
  9. I know there are income requirements but I notice the form doesn't ask for them. Is this something they figure out on their own doing some kind of background check?
  10. It's working now with Acrobat! thank you! It does however make the first address form not editable when I select "Yes" that my current address is my mailing address so i believe you are indeed supposed to leave that part blank and just put the dates you lived there. Thank you! Use Acrobat!
  11. That doesn't work for me! What PDF Viewer are you using? I've tried in Preview (mac) and Chrome Browser.
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