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  1. hi, can you upload the letter you received from equifax? I faxed a request for a letter for Equifax to simply state that my husband does not have US credit. We just got a letter in the mail, however it doesn't say anything about having or not having a US score or report. It just says they are unable to process a report without proof of identity or SSN. (even though we faxed proof of identity-- passport and AUS drivers license like they told us to and stated in the fax cover letter he does not have SSN yet...) I just don't know if this is the letter we are needing as it states nothing about having or not having US credit report and score?
  2. thats great! I have called about 6 different offices to which I get different answers. I have pleaded my case to all and can't get an in person meeting. Did your I-94 expire? My worry is that even if I can get into an office soon, my i-94 will then be expired.
  3. What exactly are the other things someone needs an SSN for sooner than later? Trying to figure out pros and cons of how to obtain one during this time. We don't want to mail out my passport to the SSA office as its an original document, so we are leaning towards filling out "yes" for the SSA to issue a new SSN on the i-765.
  4. Hello, thought I’d suggest something to those of you who are in the position needing to get legally married ASAP before 90 day expires with offices being closed. We personally did not want to wait any longer in hopes that an office nearby will open up soon. I googled elopement/wedding officiants in my county who serve as a notary and legally issues California marriage licenses. Try that route. I found some in my county (nevada county) who are available to do so. Voila. Hope this helps some.
  5. We are in Northern California. No luck here so far. Going to call some more counties tomorrow but I think everyone in our position is SOL for the time being.
  6. Airlines are still flying. As of now, United is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday’s to sfo from Melbourne and Sydney. Qantas and Jetstar are still flying, not sure full details. Virgin Australia is going till March 30. I don’t know where the misinterpretation for some people evolved of no flights out of Australia, but they’re very much still in business—just not as often and only to certain destinations. The AU govt website Advises not to travel- no ban though! My fiancé is currently in the air flying from Melbourne to sfo, thank god. He said airport was hectic and flight is full. If you both are in the position to have your fiancé move now, then do it ASAP. It’s going to get much worse before it gets any better. And who knows if better will be by June.
  7. I’m clicking the link and I don’t see where it says on the govt website “applying a travel ban from the entire world...” where does it say that???? It just says advises to not travel during this time. Advise and ban are 2 different meanings. My fiancé is on his way to Melbourne airport right now to fly to America and all is good so far. United still says he can travel at this time- departing in 5 hours
  8. We are in the same boat. My fiancé arrives in 2 days and we have no idea how the 90 day window is going to pan out for us. Hopefully offices do open back up in 30 days.
  9. @sierradani flew today from Mexico with no issues.
  10. @geowrian @ECCK thank you both for the opinions. We decided to book a flight , he will be here in just a few days. Hope it all goes smoothly 🤞🏻
  11. Just curious, what are the people who have recently gotten their k1 visas doing that haven’t immigrated to America yet, but aren’t from a level 3 country? Are you coming now? Waiting till things calm down? We weren’t planning on him moving until May (We have our reasons). We don’t know if it’s smart for him to fly now (from Australia) or stick to our original May plan. I would think things would be under control by then, but would hate for Australia to become level 3 country as they are getting more covid19 cases. Both independent contractors. I’m now not working and he is about to lose his job as well. Really at a loss of what to do. Would love to hear what other people with the same immigration timeline as us are doing.
  12. At least I believe this is what I deciphered with the change of numbers and lines with the 2019 1040 and schedule C. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. This stuff is confusing the ####### out of me with being both an employee and self employed.
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