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  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but advise given about filing an extension is irrelevant. Your taxes are due may 17 if you hadn’t already filed for an oct 15 extension by April 15. Says so right in the directions on the extension form.
  2. Even though taxes are due May 17 this year, you had to have filed the extension by April 15 to have it extended to october 15. In your case, an extension is irrelevant as it is now past the due date to file one. It says so right on the top of page 2 of form 4868 "when to file form 4868". It's silly, I know. Even if you did file the extension on time, there's a high chance he won't get his SSN by October 15. My husband just got his 2 weeks ago and it took nearly 9 months.
  3. Hello, I am confused on whether or not my husband - non US citizen going through AOS - qualifies for the current stimulus. (I already received mine) The IRS website says US citizens and US resident aliens are only eligible. I suppose my confusion is because he is not yet a resident alien (correct?), but is being treated as one for tax purposes as we are married filing jointly. Is my husband eligible for the current third stimulus?
  4. I finally got my EAD and AP combo card and SSN in the mail today. What an awesome 1 year wedding anniversary gift.
  5. Because it clearly asks for it. You are right on this. I am thinking I will leave spouses ssn blank now. Thanks for the reply
  6. No worries! They did. It’s may 17 for CA, however the deadline to file for the extension is april 15. I still have no idea what to put for his ssn. I read a thread from 2014 that said to put “NRA” for “nonresidential alien”. Might give it a go if I don’t hear any other suggestions within the next few days as April 15 is approaching.
  7. People have had luck obtaining an SSN even if the i94 is long expired? I highly doubt our local office will care about our situation but I will call and see if he is able to get one. Haven’t tried that yet, I just assumed since his i94 expired nearly a year ago there was no chance in obtaining an SSN until he gets his work authorization. He arrived March 2020 when everything was shut down, so no chance on the SSN during that first 90 days upon entry. It really is becoming quite an issue not having one for being here over a year now. I just keep thinking “any day now”😒
  8. Hello, Husband and I are eventually going to file under married filing jointly. But we are filing an extension as we are (still) waiting on his SSN and don't want apply for an ITIN. On this form, what am I supposed to write down when it asks for his SSN when he doesn't have one? This is the whole reason why we are filing the extension - no SSN yet.
  9. I love 432 hz sleep music playlist on Spotify. Also, some good meditation apps for a great sleep are “guided minds” and “let’s meditate”. There are different tracks you can listen to. They practice different breathing techniques while trying to sleep. The first time I listened to “Deep relaxation” on the “let’s meditate” app, I had the deepest and most relaxing sleep I’ve had in years.
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