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  1. Anyone needed a letter from NVC when requesting a police certificate from Mexico?
  2. Sorry to say I visited the Mexican embassy in Guyana and they said we don't offer services for police certificate, not even for Mexicans living in Guyana. No help at all
  3. That's the thing and I don't have anyone to represent on my behalf
  4. Now that you saying my reason might not be accepted, I have to find a way, is it the same address or my individual state I lived in? I'm sorry to be bothering you.
  5. I'm the applicant, so no need to go to the individual state department guanajuato?
  6. Fees: The fees vary by state. Document Name: Carta or Certificado de No Antecedentes Penales Issuing Authority: State Police (Fiscalía General del Estado) Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: The seals, colors and format vary by state. Issuing Authority Personnel Title: The issuing authority title varies by state. Registration Criteria: The registration criteria vary by state. Procedure for Obtaining: Contact the individual State Police for instructions. Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are not available. Alternate Documents: If the state police record is unavailable, visa applicants must provide a federal record called a “Carta de No Antecedentes Penales” from the Dirección General de Ejecución de Sanciones, Comisión Nacional de Seguridad. To make the request, applicants must provide the following documentation: For Mexican Nationals: Mexican Voter ID Card from the Instituto Federal Electoral (original and a copy) Birth Certificate (original and a copy) Proof of residence in Mexico (original and a copy) For Foreign Nationals: FM2, now called the “tarjeta migratoria”, or passport (original and a copy) Birth certificate translated into Spanish (original and a copy) Proof of residence in Mexico (original and a copy) If the applicant is not able to make the request in person, a family member can do so in the applicant’s name by taking a power of attorney signed by the interested party to: Dirección General de Ejecución de Sanciones, Comisión Nacional de Seguridad Calzada de Tlalpan No. 2962 Col. Espartaco, Deleg. Coyoacan, C.P. 04870 Mexico City, Mexico The office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For inquiries about the process, applicants may call the institution at: 011-52-55-5128-4100 and 011-52-55-5599-2000, exts. 18992, 18993, 18994 y 18733. Exceptions: None Comments: Versions of the police certificates vary from state to state. Police certificates from the local town halls or cities are unacceptable. In Mexico police certificates are only available for applicants 18 and over. A police certificate from every state in Mexico is generally not required for an IV application. A single police certificate is sufficient. Only when an IV applicant has lived in Mexico for six months or more and after the age of 18 is a police certificate required. However, consular officers may request a state police certificate where an individual was resident for more than six (months) on a case by cases basis Please explain for me, where should I go state where I lived or Mexico city?
  7. Will the Consular accept a letter saying why a beneficiary can't obtain a police certificate? From a country they once lived in 10 years ago? Reason: Visa requirements and ticket prices, hotel, time away from work not Permitted.
  8. Hi, I'm the Beneficiary, how do I get a police clearance certificate from Mexico? I lived there on a student Visa 8years ago. Thank you I have no one in Mexico, a Flight to Mexico from my country is like $3000 usd I would need a Visa too
  9. I think the public charge rule applies to those who file their petition before October 15 2019
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