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  1. Now I dont know if that period is for people that applied the aos form there or is the process time for people who will have the interview in DC. I am confused too. Still waiting for my biometrics app
  2. Your interview it will be in Washington! I hope we wont wait 20months for it😂(from what I saw on uscis website)
  3. I sended the same papers just the new i485 and i944(because I forgot the i944 and the i485 it was the old one) They took the money so it wasn't a problem
  4. We send the rejection papers! I think on the green paper they were saying to put that paper fist on your application. Good luck!
  5. For medical insurance I needed the ssn I dont know why but they asked for it.my husband took me on his insurance. Probably that's why
  6. Hello again.today I received my package back.they are saying that I used an outdated version of form I 485.lucky me .😂so basically now I can also send the form I 944. But I have a question, the fee is still 1225$? I am so confused and with this lock down my brain doesnt function well😂
  7. But what kind of documents did you provide with the form i944.i printed all my school diplomas. And I'm not sure if I should send again my husband tax returns bank statements and all that
  8. I hope I will receive just a rfe . But can you explain what the hell I need for the form?
  9. Hi everyone.i apply for aos 2 weeks ago but I didnt send the form I-944. I basically heard today about that form.i dont know what to do ,plus i didnt received my noa1 yet. Any advice? Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, I have a question, can I travel in US(by car) before receiving my AP documents? Thank you!
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