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  1. I would have loved to have only spent $3000! When all was said and done with our case, between plane tickets, staying in the DR, fees, etc. I had spent about $32,000. Having my husband here with our kids and myself, priceless.
  2. For our case, I had earned less than the financial requirements in 2016 and 2017, due to extenuating circumstances, and earned above the financial requirements for 2018. I was asked for pay stubs, a letter of employment stating how much i made/ how many hours I worked/ and how long I have worked there for, and I was asked for my w2s. We did not require a joint sponsor. I think it is really dependent on a few factors, but it wouldn't hurt to have a sponsor lined up and have the paperwork filled out just in case, so there isn't time lost if one is required. Good Luck!
  3. In my husbands case this did not happen, it always said immigrant.
  4. We just had our interview in April, the questions were pretty straight forward: How did we meet and How did we communicate in the beginning of our relationship due to the language barrier. The interview was short and they asked for no evidence of our relationship. As long as you answer the questions honestly and if the relationship is real you should be fine.
  5. My husband was in AP from 4/16/19 to 5/14/19 and we received his visa on 5/16/19. On the CEAC site his status went from AP to Ready to AP to Ready to AP to Issued. The whole process was definitely nerve wracking but unfortunately it just takes time. You should hear something soon if you haven't already. Good luck!
  6. Hi! We are in the process of bringing a dog back that we adopted in the Dominican Republic when my husband had his interview in May. In our case: the dog has to be UTD on all shots required (dogs coming from DR have to have rabies shot and they have to be free from screw worm, I did not see Panama on the list of high risk rabies countries or for the countries with a high risk of screw worm, but it may be required by the state you are taking the dog to) and they need to appear healthy. We also have to have a valid certificate of health that is dated within 30 days of our dog arriving to the U.S. https://www.cdc.gov/importation/bringing-an-animal-into-the-united-states/dogs.html https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/bring-pet-into-the-united-states/pet-travel-dogs-into-us Again, you must make sure you check your state guidelines to see if they require anything above what the federal guidelines are. Side note: If the dog has never had a rabies shot and you do end up getting it, just know that the dog has to wait 28 days to travel. Also, I am not sure how old the dog is but puppies can't have a rabies shot before 4 months of age. I hope this helps!
  7. When you drive with Uber you must have a SSN, have a valid US drivers license, and have had that license for a year. Uber does not consider international driving experience. Hope this helps!
  8. http://myattorneyusa.com/the-effect-of-the-adam-walsh-child-protection-and-safety-act-on-immigration-law http://myattorneyusa.com/adam-walsh-act-prohibition-on-approval-of-family-iv-petition-where-petitioner-was-convicted-of
  9. My husband was in administrative processing from April 16th to May 14th, it happens and it is definitely worrisome, but it's normal when they are waiting on paperwork. Just try to be as patient as possible ( I know it's easier said than done!) and you will hear back soon. I wish you the best of luck!
  10. My husband and I just had our interview on April 16th for an IR1 visa and he came home yesterday. While it is a different process, I'd be happy to answer any questions I can. You can email me anytime irelandlynne@live.com Good luck!!
  11. I am pretty sure the NVC still makes the appointment whether it is k1 or IR-1/CR-1. Fiance Visa: After you have completed the steps on the Immigrant Visa Process on usvisas.state.gov, including paying the necessary fees and submitting the required immigrant visa application form (DS-260), Affidavit of Support, and supporting documents to the National Visa Center (NVC), they will review your file for completeness. Once your case becomes qualified for an interview, NVC will work with us to schedule an interview appointment for you. You can learn more about the interview process on usvisas.state.gov. Sorry if I misunderstood the question, was not trying to be confusing, just trying to be helpful.
  12. NVC scheduled our interview with the Embassy in the Dominican Republic, we were responsible for scheduling my husband's biometrics appointment and medical appointment after we received the email with our embassy interview date. Hope this helps! Good Luck
  13. Unfortunately that is a risk any couple make when they get married, and now there is not a whole lot you can do. If you are saying though that he was married before you (hence the wedding ring you found?) that would make your marriage null and void, and that would be something you could report but you would need to have proof of said marriage. I understand your heartbreak but the best thing for you to do at this point would be to move on so that you can be happy again. I wish you the best in finding someone who will love you the way that you deserve. Good luck with everything.
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