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  1. No clue. I paid the fee online and everything linked through the CGI site. We didn’t have to input anything additional. This is why I suggested to pay online. Everything is linked and the process is a lot easier.
  2. For what it’s worth, we printed photos, put in a ziplock bag, individuals names, dates and locations on the back. Had no issues. Paper clip or use light staples from the bag to the application (so that it can be easily detached). You package the envelope itself and all items are sent in the same envelope. Doubt they’ll get lost.
  3. Just looked at the form. The form states “the following persons are dependent on me for support”. Nowhere does it state that this is only for those claimed on tax returns. Based on the information you’ve provided you would need to include both your child and mother. For your child, since you’re only paying child support and they are not dependent on you 100% for support, you may want to document the terms of your child support in the “additional information” section. This way it will be clear what support you’re providing and not make it seem like you’re paying 100% support for the child. Same with your mother. If you’re not providing 100% expenses and instead just providing supplementary support you’ll want this stated for the CO to consider (otherwise they may assume you’re supporting a household of 4 rather than a household of 2 + supplementary support for 2 others).
  4. Read the instructions carefully, they will cover exactly what you need to list as a “dependent”. However, if you’re paying child support, I think you will also need to list this on there somewhere as I believe the form asks for all individuals for whom rely on you for support. You have monthly payments that you’re required to make for the child, so you’re safer listing this than omitting and having them find out (which they likely will as it probably will come up during your background check). With income of $100k, you should be well above the necessary thresholds and shouldn’t have any issue (assuming this is recurring income). They consider your current income not historical, so as long as your employment letter states a salary of over $100k, I don’t think there should be an issue. Make sure you bring all required info. I’ve seen many people on here recently getting put in AP because they don’t provide IRS transcripts, so make sure you get those, not just your 1040.
  5. This may be a case where you need to get a lawyer involved. The consulate likely will need this certificate as it’s widely available and your current circumstances do not sound like they’d qualify for a waiver (i.e., not planning in advance and not wanting to leave the country likely do not mean a certificate is unobtainable). As far as getting the certificate without her physically being present in China, you’re likely at the mercy of the Chinese authorities. There are certainly professionals out there who specialize in cases like these and likely have the requisite experience and connections to get it done, but it will cost you $$$.
  6. So you have the 2 of them, plus 4 dependents, plus the 2 of you. This is a total household size of 8 and they’d need to show income to cover this. Look up the guidelines and see what those levels are. Also check and make sure whatever consulate you’re applying in accepts co-sponsors, not all consulates do. If your co-sponsors are clearly above the guidelines then you should be fine, but again depends on the circumstances. The income guidelines are just that, guidelines. The CO makes a final decision based on the “totality of the circumstances”, so simply being over the income threshold is not a slam dunk. If your lawyer has experience with this situation they should have a good idea and I’d follow their lead.
  7. You could also look at the CR-1. It sounds like you (the beneficiary) are the breadwinner in the relationship. In these cases CR-1 is generally a preferable visa as you will be able to work immediately upon entry to the US rather than waiting 6-8 months for AOS.
  8. I really doubt you will need this at the interview. Validity of your citizenship will be taken care of on the front end when the petition is circulating through USCIS. Once the petition is approved the consulate only performs the interview and is most concerned with whether the applicant qualifies for the Visa. For a K-1 this is things like ensuring they’re free to marry (divorce decrees), have all their documents, and that the relationship is a real relationship. Verifying the citizenship of the petitioner likely will not be done at the interview as USCIS has already done this before approving the petition. Best to double check a consulate specific answer though.
  9. Here is a link to that post: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/710347-please-help-police-certificate-from-china-merged-threads/
  10. There was another post recently on here regarding police certificate from China. From what I recall that poster had a lot of evidence that he could not obtains a certificate and the consulsate sent him into AP and did not accept his responses. They still wanted him to obtain something even with his evidence it was unobtainable. The evidence that he had was also much more robust than “I don’t have my old passport so it’s not available”. It may be a consulate thing, but I’d look into this one further. It could give you trouble down the line and has given at least one other member trouble recently.
  11. I suggest posting this in the France forum. Often the policies and procedures will be unique from one consulate to another, so you really want input from people who have dealt with Paris and have wide knowledge on that particular consulate.
  12. Sounds like you made the right choice. Technically it is an NIV, but it is processed as an IV since there is an intent to immigrate once in the US. That's why within CEAC it is stated as an IV all the way through the process until you get approved, which it is then switched to NIV right before it gets issued. Treating it as an IV was the right move (thank your fiancee!) as it should be routed to the department that processes IVs. You're also spot-on in that the directions from the US can be vague at times and they aren't much help. There is a lot of trial and error and one of the reasons why VJ is such a huge help! Now you can go home, pay the fee online and schedule your interview once P4 is received. It shouldn't be long now!
  13. DO NOT listen to anyone in here saying a religious ceremony is OK if it’s not verified by the government. It’s absolutely NOT OK. To those who are giving this advice, please stop as you are giving false advice that will put OPs fiancées K1 status in jeopardy. Not accusing anyone of having ill will, maybe y’all are uninformed, but please stop giving this false advice as it could be detrimental if one acted upon it. A legal marriage is not required to be considered “married” in the eyes of the US Government. There are numerous cases on here where people have had a religious or civil ceremony, never ratified the marriage through the legal channels, and been denied a K1. There are even cases where lavish engagement ceremonies result in a denial. Further, if the Visa is already granted, you have a ceremony before entering the country, then enter on the K-1 visa, and it’s discovered later on in the process it could really mess things up. In this case it will be considered fraud since you misrepresented yourself and entered on a visa for which you do not qualify (since you were already married before entering the country). I believe this would result in deportation and a lifetime ban.
  14. Did not bring own envelope, CITIC will have the courier envelope. Yes use the courier cover letter for document delivery that is on CGI website. That’s how they will route everything to the right department. UID number is generated when you sign up through CGI. It should be available in your CGI profile. This is a number generated by CGI and is used to track your information when transmitted between the consulate and CITIC using the courier service. It has nothing to do with DS-160 or any other confirmation number from USCIS.
  15. That sounds right. Just when you print your interview confirmation from CGI make sure all the info aligns with your DS-160 confirmation.
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