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  1. Thanks for providing some additional info! When I checked yesterday the date was updated under “Immigrant” still in AP. It hasn’t moved to “non-Immigrant” with a date change yet. Hopefully it will be updated by the end of the week.
  2. I checked online today and the date has changed, but the status still says administrative processing. I'll wait and check again next week to see if the date or status changed. Thanks for the additional info!
  3. Hi all My fiancé had his interview Oct 8 in Nigeria and everything went well, but he needed to submit police clearance and daughter’s birth certificate. The documents were dropped at DHL by Oct 15 and our case has been in AP since then. I emailed a request for status on Nov 26 and on Dec 9 the Embassy requested for my fiancé’s passport, which he dropped off. I’m assuming they are ready to issue his Visa???? What has been the outcome with other members?
  4. I know this is kind of an older thread; but if the person received an Emirates ID he/she can obtain a Police Clearance from Dubai/UAE online at https://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/wps/portal/home/services/individualservicescontent/goodconductcertificatecatalog - upload 1 picture with white background (passport photo) - Active Email Address -cost is 300 Dirhams ($88) My fiance received his UAE police clearance certificate via email in about 24 hours. It clearly states on the certificate how to validate the authenticity
  5. Hopefully our case will move from NVC to Embassy this week as our case number was assigned August 19th. My question: Because of the Labor Day Holiday will the shipment scheduled to go out on Tuesday still make it out or will it be delayed? Anyone familiar with the previous practice?
  6. My tax return for last year I was just above the 125% poverty level for 4 people (myself, two kids, and fiance) around 37k. I am no longer at the same company and my current income is significantly higher than last year-more than double. Would the CO use my current salary in making the 'public charge' determination or only look at the previous year tax returns? Has anyone encountered this?
  7. No, apparently I did include my ssn on the original paperwork when I went back through it before I sealed it up (good news). But the RFE was for additional evidence of meeting in person the past two years. In addition to the other documents I submitted the first time; I also submitted our passport stamps indicating our entrance and exit around the same dates. Note: I didn’t have hotel receipts or boarding passes.
  8. Hi! I've been 'lurking' on the site as well 🙂 and our NOA1 date is also March 20th - my fiance is in Nigeria as well. Crossing fingers for an approval in the coming days/weeks!
  9. I just realized I forgot to include my SSN on the 129F paperwork and I am the sponsor! Geez I don't know how I missed it. Should I call or wait until they send a letter to ask me for more information? I don't want to slow down the process but I don't know that there's anything more I can do other than wait. Any suggestion's?
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