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  1. I’m a May filer too and got approved on Aug 28 at Nebraska. I filed the i-129f. So yes, it does help to speed up the process! I would say you should go for it, there’s nothing to lose.
  2. Can you please send a link, he tried to fill online but he couldn’t hit the submit button How to go about it is what we don’t know
  3. Hi, so my husband who is a U.S citizen has been living in Nigeria for the past 3yrs and he didn’t file for taxes. He felt because he was qualified for the income exclusion, there was no point to file. Our I-130 was approved on August 28th, 2019 and his parents have agreed to be our joint sponsor. I’m aware he is still required to fill the affidavit of support form so we were wondering if at the NVC stage we can just upload a letter explaining why he didn’t file for taxes or is there any other way to go about it? Does anyone know how we can file back taxes while abroad?
  4. Our I-130 got approved 08/28/2019, PD 05/13/2019 Center-Nebraska I am the beneficiary, petitioner(my husband) lives with me here in Nigeria We are using my husband’s parents address as mailing address in the U.S. and they have agreed to fill the affidavit of support form. My husband only stays with them when he’s visiting the U.S. He isn’t a dependent on their tax return 1)How soon can they start filling the forms and also what forms will they fill I-184 or I-184a? 2)The petitioner has been outside of the United for like 3years and meets with the tax exemption so he didn’t file, can we just write a letter explaining why he isn’t required to file or he still has to file $0 tax return?
  5. Our I-130 got approved yesterday! One step down! PD for I-130 is May 13,2019. We filed the I-129F, PD August 2, 2019. I-129F still shows received. Processing center: Nebraska
  6. Thank you. I just confirmed that my husband's mom received a mail with the receipt number. Our service center is Nebraska.
  7. Hi everyone, an update on our package we sent, we still haven't received our NOA1. I just want to find out if they will send a confirmation to our mailing address or we have to call them
  8. Yes it is, so long you take time to read and understand the process and also get information from people that have gone through same process.
  9. Hi everyone, we just mailed our forms today. I and my husband(the petitioner) lives in Lagos, Nigeria. We had to get my husband's mum who lives in the United States to pay for the money order, attach it to the already filled forms and documents we sent her and she mailed it today. Just really anxious, we just hope all goes well and we get a notification in a few days.
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