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  1. hello! i got my interviw last week on halloween. And at the interview aparently we didnt have enough proof of being together, like the sharing bank account wasnt enough. but then i show my id that shows the same adress as my husband leasing contract. The interview went well after that (i guess) since the oficcer just talk to me about how my next interview in 2 years would be like and how i need to prepare to be a citizen. BUT she said she will be busy that day because it was halloween and that she will have the papers ready on friday or next week. its already next week and i dont see anything on the website. is it possible that she forgot about that? or is normal to have a delay like this?
  2. Hello! I’m from Peru, when I got married I changed my last name but I haven’t go back to my country yet. I want to go back to my country as soon as I get my green card but I my passport still has my old last name. I was wondering if I can still use it to go back to my country or I have to change it? Is it important to change it now? Since I have all my visas with that passport do I need to get all done again? Thanks
  3. hi everyone! i have to do the medical exams before my interview but i have no vaccines records. I had all my vaccines when i was little and i lost my record. Any idea what am i supposed to do? how much does it cost? is there a way to get free vaccines? I live in queens NYC, i know i need to find an autorized doctor in my area but i want to know whats the best way to do all of this. thanks!!
  4. when i add try to check my case status online of the forms that i sent, i cant see anything in any of all, its just say MY... and nothing else. Is it normal?
  5. hi!! i saw you post that you ask to expedite the process of your 131 for educational reasons? i also really need to go back to my cuntry to present a research and i need dates! i have a deadline, so I was wondering if they accepted yours? or how was your case? i only had a letter from my advisor saying that i won a contest and i need to go back to my country in august. 

  6. Hello! i filed my documents in may and i need to go back to my country to present a research in my university, i won a contest and a condition for receive an award was to present my research before September , but i don't want to make plans with my university before i get my permit so i know for sure that i can travel that dat. Does anyone knows if theres a way to speed up this process? i know theres a way but i don't know if this will qualify for that. Thanks!!
  7. hello! When i got married I decided to change my last name to my husband's last name. Since I'm from Perú I have 2 last names, apparently they consider both as my last name here and i have no middle name. I didn't think about this before, but Ive seen some people after they get married, they use their maiden name as middle name. I was wondering i should have done this before i got married??? I got married in NYC and I know that i have a new surname but the marriage certificate doesn't say anything about middle name. Does anyone knows can just use one of my old last names as my maiden name? or i just have to do some other procedure to do that?
  8. Hello!! I live in NY and im filling the I-130 and I-485 with the rest of the document( 130A, 864,, 765,131 and evidence). Im planning in sending all of the documents except the medical exams but im not sure where should i send the package. I realise that there are officces in NY but i guess all of the 130 and 485 are supposed to be send to Chicago, is that right? Is there any problem is i do the medical exam later? Thanks!
  9. hello! in the forms for the AOS they ask for SSN, I came here a couple years ago with a work visa, so i had a SSN, it says it expired but i dont know if I still should write this number on my forms even if is expired? does any one know this? thanks
  10. Hello!, I recently got married but I dont quite understand how this lastname thing works here. In my marriage license it says that my new surname is my husband lastname (lets say new Surname: Smith) In My country we use 2 diferent lastnames, so i guess my new last name is just my husband now? i guess i should think this before but i didnt thought about the options that well, i thought the new last name was just added so i guess I should only use my husband lastname from now on? should i use this lastname in my forms? as if this is my new lastme? or should i change my documents first or somethinglike that? Thanks!
  11. Hola! TEngo una consulta, en la fomr I-485, 20.a, preguntan place of last arrival. Yo llegué a los EEUU con visa de turista haciendo hacia NYC haciendo una escala en Dallas, mi pregunta es si en la pregunta 20a pongo si llegué a Dallas o NYC?? Hello, in the fomr I485 they ask for last place of arrival. I came to the US to NYC but i landed in Dallas first. What should i answer in this part? thanks Gracias
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