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  1. I would just update the DS only. Do not mess with the financial aspect of it.
  2. We got the email around August 13 for 2nd medical. Then we got response around August 24. Scheduled a medical on August 26 and then it got submitted by the 1st. And DS email came on the 2nd.
  3. So AP can happen to any case regardless of the circumstance. You could have a perfectly clear case and yet they may still have additional processing to do.
  4. Oh okay. Yeah it was a struggle for my fiancé in Lahore. We emailed them for 2 weeks consistently and they eventually replied.. they’re just rest slow 😖 we submitted the 2nd medical on the 1st of September.
  5. Allah karay. I recently passed my medical board exam to start working in the hospital officially and just can’t work because of this uncertainty. Covid, visa delay. Me having to travel back and forth. I hope so InshaAllah thank you for the encouragement. It really helps
  6. Very annoying process. I am actually going to Pakistan in 3 weeks and it would be great if this could move along and we can come back together
  7. That’s a good idea. I will follow that same process too. They replied to me so fast as I’m the petitioner telling me that the applicant should contact. But when he emails they don’t respond fast at all
  8. When I emailed the embassy they said my fiancé has to email. He emailed twice already but no response yet. So InshaAllah let’s see if we hear something soon
  9. When my fiancé called embassy they were so rude. The lady was like I can’t help you. Go email. And hung up. So then I called too and she did the Same thing. They clearly don’t provide any information over the phone. So I guess we have to email and wait. That’s what the medical center said. Just email the embassy
  10. I swear itna wait toh koi Bhi nai karata. Our job is to submit medical. Your job is to contact medical center. How can I do my job if they don’t do their job.
  11. Your K1 visa applications was recently reviewed and you are request to submit the following documents. Fresh medical report from one of our embassy designated panel physician. For more information, see travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/interview/interview-prepare/medical-examination.html.) Fresh Visa Photos (2x2, front view, white background, uncropped) We hope that this information is helpful. Immigration Unit, Consular Section, U.S. Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan This is what he got
  12. I sent inquiry too and they said they need the beneficiary to contact. So I made my fiancé email them today too. Let’s see InshaAllah This is the email where they requested the medical?
  13. We did not have to fill out the DS again. When I check mine it doesn’t say needs to be filled out again. But we are waiting for the embassy to provide authorization to the medical center
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