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  1. Just curious on the reasons you could get an rfe for aos . I’m just thinking if I could possibly get one for my medical (I’m due for a shot I believe), & possibly needed to add more evidence of marriage such as pictures or joint evidence.
  2. Hello, i am a k1 visa holder my fiancé and I recently got married. I arrived August 11th to Illinois & we got married on August 31st. We are now looking towards AOS is there any thread here that could help us in doing all the necessary steps, we had a lawyer but we’re going to try to do it on our own this time. Also another question am I able to request a SSN ? With that can i also obtain an ID , driving license or a permit to drive for the moment being ? Thank you beforehand !
  3. I recently arrived to the u.s with my k1, i was wondering if anyone knows of anysupport groups online for k1 visa fiancées currently living in the us already?
  4. Just an update, although we didn’t meet income requirement our k1 was approved today. We included GI bill & his cna certification as well as his DD214 . I’m not sure if any of this had anything to do with our approval, we didn’t need a co sponsor. I fly out in a week .
  5. Ok thank you! Looking into the co sponsor now, also another question in the part of the i134, where it says intend is it absolutely necessary to specify the nature of the contributions ?
  6. Ya it took awhile but definitely less than the waiting time for i129f approval in between you should get a letter with your NVC case number. But that same day you can schedule your interview you don’t actually have to wait for the actual interview letter as long as you have your case number ! And no unfortunately I am in my country and he is in the u.s as we wait
  7. Ya I see what you are saying. We are gonna take an employer letter from his new job. We are trying not to have a co sponsor , but if declined at interview for that reason we do have someone in mind who would sponsor us. But just a quick question do you know how much time it takes to have our co sponsor approved after we submit it online ? I read it take 4 to 7 days for them to review it and the another week or so to have the visa mailed to us. But I’m not sure 🤔
  8. He studies and he works at the vet center at his college at the moment. But I’m looking at the i134 and his income says 12,579. I’ve read he can include the GI bill to compliment the income but i honestly have no idea. Our lawyer says we shouldn’t have an issue with it. But I keep looking at the numbers and I don’t understand her reasoning .
  9. I wanted to share our case, I’m a little worried and maybe getting some opinions on it would be of help. My interview is scheduled for August 5 , 2019 in Juarez. My fiancé is the petitioner he is a military veteran who currently is finishing his CNA course and will be able to apply for a new job with this certification. He is currently employed at the federal work study at his college. Through out these past three years he worked part time jobs that were stable he left his first job in December and got a new job in January with better pay. He quit to be able to do the cna Course this summer. And is just working at the college now. His total income for last year was 12,500 and well this is the part I’m worrying about. We have to meet 16K (estimate ) for the K1 visa. Our lawyer says we shouldn’t have any issues but I just don’t understand her certainty because from what I’ve read if you don’t meet income requirement it’s difficult to get approval. My fiancé is sending his GI bill and VA benefits to see if that covers the rest of the income but Idk if this will be enough. He will also be sending proof of his CNA certification and hopefully he will apply and get a job as a CNA. That way we can have something more to back us up financially . Id like some insight on this , what are your opinions any other similar cases? Any approvals with this same situation. Thank you !
  10. My fiancé just sent me our paperwork but I noticed that he put in the wrong address for the beneficiary section , can that be changed or will that be a problem at my consular interview?
  11. Okay thank you ! After this letter (K1 FTP) are we waiting for another letter to pay fees and schedule interview? I’m just a little confused in some posts I’ve read people have been already paying fees before a scheduled interview, or maybe i read wrong... Could you shed a little light on this ? We have an attorney but for some reason she’s never available to ask these questions 😬
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