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  1. So I am still in search for answer to my query, I emailed my lawyer unfortunately no reply yet. I would like to get an idea of how long it usually takes to finalize my singleness from the time of court decision (court decision up to PSA annotated MC) is it really 6 to 7 months? Is there a way we can speed things up?
  2. Thank you @millefleur I read the topic. I am fairly new in this forum, still figuring out how to do things here (like respond, post, search etc)
  3. That'd be our 2nd option. Thank you
  4. I just got the court decision for my annulment last April 8 2019. I know its not yet final until I have the Decree. How long does it usually take till I can re-marry? We intend to get married by June this year but upon reading some topics here (I have asked a friend as well) the process can take several months, around 6-8 months. My son is turning 18 in December that's why we wish to get married ASAP so I could bring him with us.