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  1. 9 days but i have been told the Accra embassy has some delays now
  2. Hello guys so I have my immigrant package and visa ready and will be leaving to the USA on 15th of July .My instruction sheet on how to pay the immigrant visa fee is damaged , my son dropped it in water, am wondering if anyone who has a copy can scan and send me one in my mail . I just read it's important to carry it with me .
  3. Hello everyone I got approved for my interview this morning at the American Embassy in Accra . My interview was at 7:30 am .by 7am we were asked to queue and was ushered in after showing our interview letters at the entrance. Whiles in there i was lucky to be called first to submit my documents to a Very Polite Ghanaian woman. She requested for my medical report, police certificate, passport , two passport pictures, original birth cert, copy of my son's birth cert , a copy of his passport ( my son got automatic citizenship here in Ghana and has an American passport ), any other documents that shows proof of relationship so I gave them a photo album , receipts from Western union, money gram and world remit, a copy of my husband's passport with stamped pages of entry and exit from Ghana , and a few copies of whatsapp call logs and messages . After i submitted all I was asked to go sit and wait . After 10 minutes i was called to window 7 where I met an American man who will be around 40 years and he asked who filed for me I responded, he asked when we met , when we got married , when did my husband leave Ghana, what job he does , what is his job description,what is the name of the company my husband works. I answered all these questions confidently and he kept smiling .He said the words ' you have been approved, congratulations ' .He didn't ask to see any financial documents. Thanks for your prayers and advise.Good luck to all who will be having their interview soon and I pray y'all get interview dates sooner .Remember to keep eye contact and speak louder .
  4. Hello everyone , my interview is tomorrow 7:30 am at Accra . Please wish me good luck and does anyone have any tip for me ?
  5. Hello everyone ,my interview is on the 21st of this month in Accra Ghana .I want to find out what they mean by submitting the "Original 'affidavit of support form during the interview? Is it that my husband has to print out the one he uploaded on CAEC which was electronically signed or he needs to print out the form , refill it and sign with a pen?. Really need to know.
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