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  1. Yes i am. This is the last update i had. Then my EAD is still saying they applied my biometrics. So when I've got this update i thought that i will not receive a combo card. Do you think i need to call them for this matter?
  2. Thank you for your response on my post. Got curious about it because i am expecting a letter of approval for my AP and im ending receiving that πŸ˜†and i was a bit concern and anxious about it coz they don't do any update on my EAD just my AP. By the way thanks again
  3. Hi guys!! Need some advice. Does anyone here have same case like mine? My AOS status is ready to schedule for interview My EAD is still showing about my biometrics My AP , i received an update that they already approved it last march 3 then told me to wait for their letter. But this is the one i received today which says that does not mean approval. Im so confused now.
  4. I hope that i will get also approval on my EAD. Thanks for your reply..
  5. Hi guys! My status already changed to "ready to schedule for interview" then my AP also changed to "approved" but no update on my EAD. Is this mean i will not have a combo card?
  6. Mine also received on 01/29.. Getting anxious because other already receiving a new update
  7. Anyone here who got RFIE and didn't hear anything from uscis after the status changed to "received RFIE"?
  8. Waiting also for mine. We sent it Monday and USPS already notify me that they received it yesterday but don't hear anything yet from USCIS
  9. Hi guys!! Already received my RFIE, they are just asking for a copy of my birth certificate, which i already have sent them before.. My question is, can i just pass an orginal one coz i have a two copy of my birth certificate?
  10. Well atleast it's just an easy fix 😊 you just need to pass the right form. I hope mine is just easy too.. Good luck to us. 😊🀞
  11. Thanks for the response well i guess i just need to check and wait everyday 😊 hoping also that iy will be an easy fix one.
  12. So what is your RFIE for? Still anxious about it lol! I always check my email for USPS notification every morning just to know if they already have it but until now they don't have. I just hope that mine was just an easy fix one.. 😊
  13. Hi!! Just wanna ask about your RFIE, they notify me January 21 but until now i didn't receive an actual mail from them. How many days before you receive the actual mail? Thanks! 😍
  14. Me too got RFIE, they notify me on email and until now still waiting for the actual mail 😒😒
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