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  1. As per usual, your instructions are spot on. I guess we did not wait the full 24 hours for it to load. It's working now!
  2. May 16...he wrote a review on the embassy review page on here.
  3. Congratulations. My nephew recently did his Cr-1 in Costa Rica and they got it in 7 days.
  4. Thanks. We were lucky on the noa 1 timeframe and then it looks like NVC processing times went up. So maybe by July 21 based on Greenbaum’s note. In the digital age this whole thing seems very old fashioned. I also imagine that the 4th of July week had reduced staffing levels with vacations etc like everywhere else. Thanks so much for reaching out!
  5. There was not a single prompt. On the third try to attempted to use the prompts from before to no avail. Clearly, they don’t want to talk to anyone.
  6. Tried calling the NVC to get a case number. They have changed the recording three times this week. Now, you listen to a 3 minute message in English and in Spanish and you are disconnected completely tried a few times with same result.
  7. Well I went to actual government website and it does not say it specifically...there is a forum on visa journey and it seems that the debate on this is mixed.... Forum is: Form I-134 must have an original signature?!?
  8. It says it requires a "wet" signature in black so that would be mean original of the signature page.
  9. Hi the currently delisted case tracker app shows for cases received March 27- the following statistics (approximate as it is not easy to exactly read the graphs points - 48 approved, 46 pending and 15 RFEs. As a reference point on speed, last Friday there were only 21 approvals. As I mentioned earlier, things only appeared to slow down because there was a gap from March 22 to March 27 where the app shows they did not log any apps as received until March 27. Log is 108 apps for that date they are working through. It’s nerve wracking to be sure and I still look every day. Our app posted on Wednesday but had been approved on Monday. Even with the great trackers it can be mind boggling when you see apps with higher numbers than yours get approved faster. Some of that is military who are given preference. We are all in this complex process together and I thank everyone for their support and encouragement. And for those who are waiting. Keep the faith.
  10. There is an issue. People were asking and I went to see and the app is gone if of iTunes. I had it installed and contacted the developer. He said they were delisted by Apple who told them it was because of privacy laws and they were going after other trackers as well. He sent them the statement from the uscis website saying the info was publicly available. He is hoping to get it resolved soon.
  11. Hi all, noa -1 4/1/2019 noa 2 - 6/24/2019 i just saw on the tracker app a number of petitions just loaded this Morning. They must have been behind on entry and they must do some sort of batch processing overnight. Keep the faith!
  12. We are all waitIng on pins and needles because our predicted dates are passing. I think I may know why. On that uscis tracker app, It shows that no cases were processed as received from 3/22 until 3/27. So there are about 108 cases received on March 27. Most are I-129f with a handful of I-130s. This app looks at received date Vs noa1 dates. When I select the graph of the 129fs as of 5 pm today: roughly 32 approved, 6-7 RFEs and about 68 remaining to be processed. Hang tight!
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