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  1. Hi everyone. My category is CR1, 1st submission was on May 30th and second on June 19th. I'm still waiting on my DQ and getting insane... Any thoughts? Is this abut luck o somehting? Hubby is USC, thanks.
  2. Hello everyone! So I'm CR1, submitted docs first on May 30th and AOS on June 19th, for how long do you all think do I have to wait to get my DQ? Thanks!!
  3. My husband signed it, scanned and submit it, is that ok?
  4. Hello everyone! basically I want to know from you all past experiences... my husbands divorce decree is 37 pages so we tried to compress it as much as we could but the app could not compress it more so we just submitted 5 pages where states the names of them, their kids, where it states that they’re legally divorced, the final signatures of them, the judge and finally the official seal of the certificated copy. All this was submitted to the NVC. Help would be appreciated, thank you. @pushbrk tagging you cause you’re always very helpful! Thanks
  5. Mmmm i submitted my civil documents already could be that my husband haven’t submitted AOS yet cause the payment is still in process
  6. Can someone help me please? I’m getting crazy. I got a message on ceac and it says “ ds-260 review note” but it won’t let me open the message. I got the confirmation number with the bar code and all that so what could it be? Thank you!
  7. Oh please someone help me!! I have the same issue but it says ds-260 review note. I got the confirmation email with the bar code when I filed it out and all that so what could it be? Thanks
  8. @pushbrk Hello again regarding NVC documents( and sorry for bothering you )😣 Should I submit all 36 pages of my husband's divorce decree or just the 4 with the info they need? Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone! When sending expedite request, what do you put on the email subject? Thank you.
  10. @Paul & Mary Sorry for bothering you again. I was wondering if you know why do I have an A number above my name on my NOA2? I think thats wierd. Thank you.
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