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  1. My interview date is far away date but I still wanna know... So is this true? My husband said he can add me on his insurance through his job before I have to enter to the US, is this possible? Cause obviously I don't have a SSN, thanks!!
  2. Everybody gets a random SC and if you’re an American citizen you’ll be able to actually join your spouse to the interview but all the questions are for the beneficiary. Good luck 🍀
  3. Hello everyone I hope somebody can help me... I’m a little bit concerned... why on my uscis account on my docs they just uploaded 1 single sheet of paper of my whole form... I tried to upload the rest but it won’t let me cause it’s supposed that they already did it... what to do? Thanks!!
  4. Mine says first name and then my 2 last names, they didn't add my middle name, is that a problem? :c
  5. Hey guys. Husband and I are currently working on our I-129F my only concern is what would happen if this form is sended to a different SC than my CR1? We got Nebraska, thank y'all for your help.
  6. EXAMPLE: August Filers are all those people who filed their petitions that month and also have their PD(priority date) the same month.
  7. Hello!!! Can you please help me with this... or anyone? I want to try to file the I129F since we're currently in Hellbraska but I don´t understand anything, we have to file out the form and then what? cover letter? e notification? what else? Please help me with the requirements/list cause I read the guide but I'm still lost, thanks.
  8. We got Hellbraska 😩 I’m still hoping for the best since we got the IOE number. Good luck to everybody!
  9. Congrats! I'm very happy for you. I wanna do the same because we're really struggling with money and we still have to pay for the next fees... do you think you can share your cover letter just to get an idea? we have evidence and our case it's different but I just don't know how to start, thanks.
  10. Mmm nope, the only thing we have it's the IOE number on a text message. We are waiting for the hard copy to find out our center and no e-mail yet. So again... is the IOE number the NOA1? I want to know so I can track our journey, thanks.
  11. Is the text with the IOE number the NOA1? im confused, thanks.
  12. Well cheer up you got the ioe number... we’re waiting for the email or hard copy on the mailbox... how long it takes?
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