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  1. Yes me too, I called to the CBP of my last airport of entry and they told me that sometimes the website has this kind of problems but it doesn’t mean a problem for the application and for later
  2. Hello! I'm reading that my fiancé has to attach to the i129f my I-94 and travel history, i sent him my J-1 visas and stamps that my passport has but when i check my i-94 online it just shows December 5th 2017 as my most recently entrance BUT my last entrance was December 2nd 2018. I want to know if some of you had this kind of problems and what you did about it.
  3. thanks so much to everyone! we fixed it, he sent a personal money order !
  4. My fiancé is going to send a MONEY ORDER for the paying fee of the form I-129F, I feel that the info in the check something is missing, the number 5 (like in the picture) is missing in the check, it doesnt say any where for writing FOR: I-129F Filling fee
  5. Hello! My fiancé has student loans, we are planning to get married but We have been talking about this topic and I want to know if there is a document that we should make before we get married because we want to have independant debts.
  6. Hello, for the I134 Affidavit of support, what if my fiancé's income is not enough for the requiments in the k1 visa? can I as a beneficiary of the k1 visa be a co-sponsor ? I read on internet that I can be a co sponsor just If I'm going to continue having this income after all the procedure. In my case, I own a property and I manage this leasing so no matter If I get married on USA I'm going to continue having the income of the leasing. I would like to know if what i read on internet is true. Tahnks in advanced.
  7. Hola! quisiera saber si para tu entrevista vino tu prometido o la diste sola?

    1. Sofia Cast

      Sofia Cast

      Él vendrá a acompañarme para la entrevista porque coincide con una visita ❤️

  8. Thank you so much! do you think that i should add an attachment explaning this on the i129f that my fiancé is going to send?
  9. Thank you so much! this relax me more! my concerned was because I recieved a refunded from the IRS because I declared my taxes on TurboTax as a resident and didn't realize that. So I chose to make an amend.
  10. I was doing a work an travel program with J1 visa on 2018 but i had presented my info to the IRS with turbotax I didn't know that this one is just for residents, I'm doing an amend because of this . I'm going to apply for a k1 visa I want to know if this can cause a problem or it can cause a k1 visa denial. Also i would like to know if i have to sent a letter as an attachment explaning this with the form i129f that my fiancé is going to send to the USCIS
  11. Hello! There is something that is not clear to me, in the k1 visa procedure the NVC ( National Visa Center) Fee the one who pays is the US citizen or the benefiary in her home country to the embassy?
  12. Hello! I would like to know if the letters of intend to married from the foreign fiancé( beneficiary) can be scan and print or a hand ink?
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