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  1. Thanks so much for your help! So what we did was writing to the embassy to update the address since we are in the interview stage, and also t the NVC , they updated
  2. Hello! We are doing a k1 visa, if we are in the k1 visa interview stage ( next week is the appointment) and my fiance is moving to another aparment. Should we just nootify this to USCIS? or also NVC?
  3. Hello! I want to ask about: If my green card and all my documents are with my new name (took my husband's last name) and the only document that I have on my maiden name is my passport. Will I have problems when we travel abroad? thanks so much!
  4. If I get the EAD first than the GC, with that Can i go to the SSA and Remove that restriction? Thank u!
  5. Hello! I have a SSN already because I had a J1 visa BUT my SSN says :"VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION". my question is if i need to remove that condition or what i need to do with that after i get marrieds. TIA!
  6. Hello! I've been reading posts about "change of address" but I didn't find something accurate to my case. I'm still in a k1 visa process. My fiance is going to move to another apartment where we are going to live together as soon as I arrive. We are filling the documents where he is still staying because we are in a apartment hunting yet. So my question goes, once we move to our apartment, my fiance has to call USCIS and update the change of address? do i have to do someting else? Thanks so much!!
  7. My peruvian birth certificate has an accent mark in my last name but my passport and visa stamp don’t, and this is because my another country ID was print everything in capital letters which means no accent marks. In order to get the passport and visa i had to use that ID and no my birth certificate. So I wonder if this would be an issue when I apply for the AOS. Thanks so much in advanced! 😭
  8. Hello! Im getting married in December. so ive been reading post related to the marriage licence and certificate. - some of then shows the maiden name, so I decided to take my husband’s last name. I wonder how this works when and where should i go ? In getting married in Palm Beach, FL. Im afraid of having problems later when i get my gc - other question related about taking my husbands last name: once i get my gc (with my new married last name) if we want to travel abroad, how should we buy the tickets? Because my passport will have my maiden last name thanks in advance
  9. Hello! I have a question, if my fiancé changes address ( if he moves to another state) what if this happens when im about to get the embassy interview, i mean i have to bring a nee i129f page of the current address? Or when the k1 is approved (visa stamp in the passport) , does he just need to update the address by calling the USCIS ?
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time of explaining this, it’s so clear with this! 🙏🏽
  11. Hello! Im trying to read and understand the process as much as I can so everything can go smoothly in this process with my fiancé We are doing the k1 visa, once we do the AOS and I get an EAD how do we should file taxes? And how it will be after i get once i get the green card? Thanks in advanced all this topic of taxes are being complex for us
  12. Yes me too, I called to the CBP of my last airport of entry and they told me that sometimes the website has this kind of problems but it doesn’t mean a problem for the application and for later
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