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  1. Hello<


    Help me out here in trying to figure out whats going on with my case. My interview  was first week of February  its been three weeks no update my interview went smoothly just basic stuff.  after the interview handed me white paper says it will take 120 Days.  seems your case took 8 weeks to approve can you tell me what was going on with your case. 



    1. dianam15


      Hi there, and I'm not sure, they said they had to run another background check and then send it to their supervisor before it could be approved. I didn't have any updates at all during the 8 weeks either. 

    2. jnp1999


      OK, Thanks for your help


    3. jnp1999


      OK, Thanks for your help when did you contact them first? like after 30 days or so? and how did you contact? 


  2. I was approved exactly 8 weeks after my interview. If you’re K1 you’ll be approved probably the same day. I’m not and I think that’s why it took longer.
  3. PD 07/16/18. Had my interview in the San Jose office on 09/0619, still no answer. I submitted an inquiry and they said they’re “still reviewing my case” 🙄
  4. Same here!! See you there and best of luck!
  5. Thank you! My PD is July 16 so hopefully I hear from them soon!
  6. Hi all, I filed in July 2018 in San Jose, CA. Wondering if there’s anyone else with a PD near mine also in SJ who is waiting for interview? I know someone who filed in June 2018 and his interview was in this past May so I’m a little concerned I haven’t heard anything from them yet.
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