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  1. I know the wait is terrible!! Our approval took 9 or 10 days back in December and we didn't have the holidays beefmaster2 mentioned.
  2. Just had our interview last month so hopefully I can help out. Like others have said make sure your spouse knows the paperwork that was submitted as my wife didn't know what a lot of it was. The yes No questions for our interview were randomly asked and if you answered yes to any such as the gun training or whatever make sure your spouse can speak to it. Here is what I wrote up about our interview in another post "He went through the full application with my wife asking her birthday, places she has worked, parents names and professions and just kept checking off as he went along. Also went through about half of the Yes/No questions such as if she wanted to spy on America or be a terrorist. " Also make sure you bring everything you already sent in and any updated documents Original and copies of everything. (Paystubs, employment letter, Joint accounts, drivers licenses, insurance cards, birth certificates, Passports etc. this is for both of you not just her) Finally make sure she knows what all of it is and what each things is for. (In my case my wife didn't know what health insurance was before moving here and our interviewer did randomly ask her what one of the things I gave him was when he didn't want me to talk)
  3. So 9 Days after the interview our status finally changed from "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed" to "New Card Is Being Produced"!
  4. Just got home about an hour ago from our interview. The officer could not have been nicer and was making jokes the entire time. We did have to wait about 20 minutes after our appointment time which he apologized for twice. Once we got seated he said that the file looked perfect (his words) and that he didn't have any questions for me (the petitioner). He asked some random questions to get us talking and more comfortable chatting with him (normal small talk). Then he said he was going to talk to my wife while I looked for anything in my giant binder I thought he should have for the file. (He said he didn't need anything but that if I wanted to add I could) He went through the full application with my wife asking her birthday, places she has worked, parents names and professions and just kept checking off as he went along. Also went through about half of the Yes/No questions such as if she wanted to spy on America or be a terrorist. Then I explained all the papers I wanted to add to file such as more pictures, financial stuff and so on. He made a comment again how I didn't need to give him anything else but thanked me for them. He then explained that he had to go through the case one more time and said it would be his 4th time reading through it. He then asked if we understood the process that it would be a two year greencard if approved and then if with him or an American citizen you could apply for a 10 year green card or citizenship at 3 years and then we all laughed about it. He then asked if we had any more questions and I asked him about if he had anymore cases today and just general questions about how things have changed with covid. Overall it was a great experience and the officer could have not been nicer and was making jokes the whole time and seemed to just enjoy his job and talking with us. By the time we got home the case status had updated to "Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed" Hopefully it won't stay in this stage to long!!
  5. Check this out https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?cfl=0&op1=3&op2=&op3=&op4=1&op5=5,6,8,9,10,11&op6=&op8=Washington DC&xfr=&vtype=1&interview= Make sure to change your location and any other applicable options at the bottom. You can see what others in your office are getting. Make sure to keep your timeline updated to help others.
  6. I think others in similar situations were able to setup an infopass appointment to get an emergency AP. I am sure others will chime in though. Get together any proof you can about the failing health as they will want it. (dr notes and stuff like that)
  7. The same thing happened to us with one of our communications and then 3 or 4 weeks latter it finally showed up. Stopped trusting the informed delivery because it always got my hopes up with other things and then it shows up days latter.
  8. Can you please fill out your profile more so we know where you are located. Appointments for everything have been delayed drastically in some places. As long as you have gotten NOA1 not much to do but wait. Changing addresses is always a gamble sometimes the change doesn't even happen and it could speed it up or delay it depending on the offices.
  9. I looked through what we brought in to the DMV in Winchester (Was well worth the drive vs the local DMV in Tysons. Everyone was nicer then Tysons and less crowded). 1. EAD 2. Spanish passport with K1 3. Home Insurance policy/bill 4. Cancelled Check 5. Social Security Card 6. NOA for AOS We applied after her I-94 had expired but she had gotten her EAD/AP. From what the lady who helped me said it can take weeks for your pending AOS to show up in the system which may give you some issues if you don't have a legal status yet don't know how long ago you applied. Another helpful hint is to make two appointments about two weeks apart anytime you do something at the DMV. Since they have to usually send your paperwork to Richmond for verification. The first time we went they approved her very quick same day but by the time we got a 2nd appointment the approval had expired and they had to send it all back to Richmond again. Luckily the nice lady in Winchester called us to come back so we didn't have to get a 3rd appointment.
  10. I just went through this with my wife in VA and finally after talking to so many DMV workers (over the span of 3 appointments) we decided to skip the real id and just go for the standard license/Learners. They will send all your paperwork to Richmond to verify (takes anywhere from 15 minutes to a week I am told ours took 5 minutes the first time and an hour the second). I think they used her receipt of filling the i485, Social Security card, Passport and a medical bill. My wife would travel anywhere inside the USA with a passport anyway so no point in dealing with jumping through the Real ID stuff which was causing the staff huge problems giving her the real id but no issue with a standard one. That said it does have a one year expiration but hopefully she will have her GC by then anyway.
  11. From ready to schedule to Interview scheduled status change was 12 months and two days. From time applied it has been 14 months and I suspect my interview will be in December which means a 15 month wait from applying to interview if my guess is correct. Hope my letter arrives soon so I can update everyone!
  12. My Case just updated to Interview scheduled!! Guess we will see when it is scheduled for once I get the letter. Anyone else get the update today?
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