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  1. When i open ceac and go to case status it shows me this msg.
  2. I think we don’t have to they clearly said on case no email we don’t accept by mail. I will wait 2 weeks and then call nvc a
  3. My country is nepal and when i got case no they described i have to do ceac ptocess to submit document
  4. I submitted all documents through ceac online but when i check through my status it gives me this msg. Is it normal or i have to send the documents via mail. Nvc states that i have to do through ceac when i got my case no
  5. Not case no yet. Call nvc u n me are the same date approval. I finished submitting doc. Call them and make sure which date they received ur petition from uscis
  6. Yes. I fill up the ds260 and submitted all documents just now.
  7. Hi all i paid iv and aos fee they withdrew from my bank yesterday and ceac status show in process. How long it take to change to paid ?
  8. How to compress file ? I scanned my i864 and it was10 mb i try to compress and it won’t go less than 2.1 mb. They need file less than 2 mb. What is the best way to reduce file size in good quality
  9. I paid fee on Saturday they didn’t take out from my bank account yet
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