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  1. Hello, I just received my NOA 2 and will have my interview in Paris as well. My attorney checked and the next K1 visa interview avaibility is in december at the Paris Embassy...
  2. For us, it is our attorney mistake... She ticked the box "married' for my marital (beneficiary) status instead of single. Hopefully i will get approved soon.
  3. Congratulations, so fast ! I am starting to be worried, still nothing for us. They received our RFE on july 16th while i see all the RFE received after than mine getting approved...
  4. Hello, I received the RFE on june 28th mailed my answer on july 11th they updated my case satus as RFE received on july 16th We are now waiting for the NOA2 😊
  5. The french consulate recommended me an attorney, and she told me that sadly a letter of apology might not be sufficient and it is more safe to ask the consulate to issue an official certificate. (To prove I am single and I have never been married) It will just take a little time to have the certificate ready as they want me to give a new original birth certificate ( it takes time to receive them in france and they are dated).
  6. The attorneys checked the box of my actual marital status as MARRIED instead of single. So the officer thought i wanted to marry , but i am already married... They want me to send official divorce decrees. I have never been married lol I am only 22 years old. Now i have to ask my home country for official documents proving that i have never been married, and that i am not married at the moment.
  7. I received the RFE today : They checked the box of my actual marital status as : MARRIED. So now they want a proof i am not married.....
  8. We hired an attorney to do it and check everything! Yes we sent two letters of intent with signatures. We really don't know what could be missing.... The mail was sent last friday and still nothing in the mailbox, we will see when it arrives. 🤞
  9. We filed on april 1st and our status changed to Request for additional Evidence on June 28th. We are still waiting on the mail.. 😓
  10. Hello, We filed on march 20th and received NOA1 on april 9th so we are april filers! Wishing everyone a fast process 🤞
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