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  1. Heyy, congrats on the visa approval. Can you please update me when you get visa in hand. I would like to know how many days it takes to get passport in hand after interview (Kerala)
  2. There’s a telegram group, admins there can answer this. That’s where I found the meaning of FNU. They were discussing that. Are you in Mumbai whatsapp group. The link for telegram group is there in files section
  3. Heyyyy, awesome. Congratulations. What’s your cc date?
  4. Student visa wait time was 9days a week before, now it’s 52 days. So maybe they were prioritising student visas in June n July and now they are back to routine processing. Hoping that CR1 category will have some movement hereafter .
  5. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Immigrant-Statistics/MonthlyIVIssuances/JUNE 2019 - IV Issuances by Post and Visa Class.pdf 273 CR1 visas issued in June. Other link was of non immigrant visas (NIV).
  6. Nothing yet. Someone w April 26th cc got IL in July. That’s it
  7. Heyy, any updates on your case?

  8. Heyyy, Any updates on your case?

    1. YasArr


      No.. not yet😥

    2. Ash n Teen

      Ash n Teen

      Don’t worry, be patient. I have read about AP getting resolved in 1/2 weeks at Mumbai Embassy. They’ll ask for your documents and then they’ll review it and approve. 

    3. YasArr


      What about biometrics?? It is before Interview?? At Mumbai Consulate??

  9. Exactly. FB visas are processed in New Delhi as well. Whereas cr1/ir1 have only Mumbai Embassy. It is understandable if there is some delay, but here they have completely stopped processing applications of cr1/ir1. Nobody in this category is getting any dates . Sooooo frustrating.
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