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  1. My denial was under 214b lack of ties with home country. I had to appear for a licensing examination. But they denied the visa. Thank you for the reply
  2. Did they ask you any questions about previous tourist visa rejection? My US tourist visa was once rejected ( last yr). Don’t know wthr I will have to face any questions about that?
  3. One of my friend got IL today, cc 25th April. Interview on July 2nd , Mumbai Embassy
  4. Maybe you don’t actually have to talk to a supervisor, maybe if they escalate the case for supervisor review it might fasten up the process. I was anxious and wanted to get over with this forever waiting game.And I believe, it helped, Lol
  5. Yes, it’s possible. Initially they said supervisors are all busy with some meeting. And they said supervisor can give me a call back. Apparently that’s just an excuse. After some time I got lucky that I could talk to a supervisor , she was really nice, she reassured that I will get a response in a week. And I got my mail in an hour 🤷🏽‍♀️
  6. Call them again, and request them to connect the call to a supervisor. Then refused me thrice on same day. 4th time luckily I got a kind representative, he forwarded the call and I talked to a supervisor. Got documentarily qualified mail on the same day. Trust me, talking to a supervisor helps. We had been waiting after document submission, it was outside normal processing time, they asked us to wait another 6weeks for supervisor review 🙄.And then we requested to talk to a supervisor n it helped. Good Luck to you. Everything will be fine.
  7. Representative escalated my case on Monday. Got cc on Tuesday 11:40pm NY time. You will get yours soon
  8. Got our cc mail today .Submitted docs on may18th.Thank God🙏🏽
  9. Did you call NVC? We submitted docs on 18th May. They escalated our case for supervisor review. What about you? I see that you have submitted on May 12th
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