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  1. Nsk1433

    Medical exam

    Thxs alot for sharing details
  2. Nsk1433

    Medical exam

    How many course does hepatitis b required And also what happen if someone missing by the time of medical do they give u timeframes to get it done
  3. Nsk1433

    Medical exam

    Few question regarding vaccination hepatitis b usally in Canada kids get in grade 7 or 8 Does u.s immigration required that I was checking vaccination requirement its showing hepatitis b required even for newborn baby and 4 to 6 years old children What do we do about it I have 3 kids 5 8 and 13 5 and 8 doesnt have vaccination yet for it but 13 years old recieved her first dose for hepatitis b and will be getting 2nd dose in school somtime in late fall Any suggestions?
  4. Does anyone have a list How to make a documents folder in sequence to save time at embassy
  5. Hoping to get interview letter email in September Dq is 23 may 2019 Montreal F4
  6. Congrats finally wait game is over for you Any details you want to share about how was your interview and what did they asked you and did they interview other family members including young kids ?
  7. Thx for updates That's why I asked for postal letter cuz of those dr website its say bring interview letter so I am assuming we can print that email I guess
  8. Do we only recieve email about il or do they also send you a letter by postal service ?
  9. My brother also recieved his interview email cc date March 20th 2019 Interview 23 sep 830 am Montreal F4 Visa
  10. Did u recieve an email for interview ? What's your cc date and interview date?
  11. Cc or dq means case completed or document qualified your cc is July 4th
  12. What's your document completed date ? Wish u all the best
  13. Did you recieve an email or postal letter ? Do let us know hows your interview goes on 27th of August
  14. No U meant crazybell recieved an email today for interview? When did he recieved case completed email ?
  15. Funny part is bulletin keep jumping months and months but no interview dates available
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