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  1. that's really really unfortunate. Hope thing will go smoother this time. I assume you are on his PCS order when he left last year? Don't forget to call USCIS to expedite your case once they received it and assigned case number. and please do keep all the receipt (medical exams/shots, visa fees, application fee etc) so you can fill travel voucher when everything's done, at least you will get some money back.
  2. Military will reimburse all visa fees for spouse if that's REQUIRED to PCS to stateside. For me, I was stationed in Japan, we got married there. I can't bring my wife over to US without valid visa, a visa is required in this case. Once she arrived to my duty station, I simply just go to finance and fill her PCS travel voucher, including all visa fees and travel costs.
  3. I am sorry to hear this. why was the first application got declined? I married my Japanese wife 1 day before I left Japan, once I arrived on my new station, I amended my order to put her on my order. Tthen applied for CR-1 visa while I'm back in the states, not only I got all my application expedited, all visa fees as also reimbursed. See my previous posts about expedition. Hope that may help. Ask your husband get in touch with USCIS for expedite, then ask U.S. Embassy Tokyo see if they can expedite as well.
  4. First of the all, I got mind approved within 2 months. At first I thought I was expedited because I was military, but it turns out it's only because my receipt number start with IOE, the new filing system. ( perhaps being in the military did helped a bit) anyway, that's not the point, today I received an email reply from NVC, and told me it was approved faster simply because I was under the new system. So, for petitioner who got a receipt number start with IOE, this is definitely a good new to you all. below are the exact email reply from NVC "Greetings from the Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC). We are contacting you regarding your recently approved immigrant visa petition. Based on your USCIS receipt number, your case benefited from a pilot electronic process for the I-130 petition. USCIS reviewed and approved your petition faster than average cases of this type as we develop the fully electronic transfer of data from USCIS to the Department of State. We thank you for your patience while we continue to refine our process with these electronic petitions. We wanted to alert you that it will likely take longer than the 30-day timeframe mentioned on USCIS's approval notice to you. Despite this delay, please rest assured that we expect the overall time between filing your petition and completing processing with NVC will be far faster than average for this petition type. When we complete the data entry for your case you will be notified by email or letter. This will include instructions on how to log into the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) to begin case processing with NVC.
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