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  1. rest assure..my spouse entered on October 4, and just received hers now. took a little more than 3 months to get it on hand. however, I actually did followup with them during the new year timeframe, I do not have email, I only sent them message through myUSCIS message.
  2. that's exactly what I did. just email the embassy.. And why not, just do both, they definitely have some kind of internal network talk to each other, one thing to know for sure is that they won't slow down you application.
  3. I actually expedited my case at Embassy level, and I never found out NVC has received my case or not. The second email I got after my i130 approval notice, my case went straight from NVC to Embassy.
  4. I am back with CR card on hand~ just received it today. hope yours will come soon.
  5. Got email today my status update email and text! Hope you get yours soon. email read as” We have approved your Form OS155A, IMMIGRANT VISA AND ALIEN REGISTRATION, Receipt Number IOEXXXXXXX. On January 20, 2020, we ordered your card to be produced blah blah blah
  6. Keep us updated! My wife did exact same thing, stayed about 5 days, then departed the US with stamp on 10 October.
  7. Forgot to mention, PAID fee already before the entry. 2 and half month since the day of entry.
  8. Anyone entered US via CR-1 visa on October received their green card yet? I am starting to wonder if that because my wife entered and exit US within a week. Long story short, my wife entered US when she got the VISA, and stamped on her passport. However, she still have something to taken care of back home, so she went back about a week in the US, will that cause the delay of the green card since she is not in the US right now? She will come back before 6-month rule, I was thinking if I can get GC before she come back, I can go visit her and give her the GC then travel back to US together. Should I be worried or just patiently waiting for it to come?
  9. Nice! And congrats! And don’t stop there, After you get a notice that your document left USCIS, Start contact NVC and embassy. You have to request expedite on every stage.
  10. hello! hope this reply isn't too late~ Didn't really come here that often after my CR1 visa is issued. I was assigned to the Texas service center, and that's where I sent the letter to. I requested expedite over the phone, and few minutes later I received an email asking for the document with a servicing center address, and that's where I sent the letter.
  11. yes and yes.. it probably only took them 1 month to receive my NOA2...I have full timeline on my signature and the actual VJ timeline. if you have question about anything else. feel free to ask me anything.
  12. its pretty fast, after filling out online form, I got an email which has available dates on it. I picked one date, another email came later saying the appointment was confirmed. And I have no documents ready at that time, just make sure you have everything on the interview date.
  13. was gonna ask the same question, but thanks! except my wife will be here a week, then leave for another 5 month. But I've decided to go see her and come back here same time, that should solve the issue if we run in to anything.
  14. Not sure about your specific embassy..My spouse is processed through Embassy Tokyo and the main website have the interview schedule page, I just input the information the successfully get a date for interview on the email in a few days.. it never hurt to call and ask your local embassy...if you wait for you documents then schedule the interview date, it’s gonna be another long wait depends on the embassy
  15. haha, no problem at all. yeah, the email from Embassy should give you all the information you need to proceed to next step. you can actually schedule interview date already, even though you don’t have everything ready. Just have to get the documents before interview and send to them for scanning purpose.
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