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  1. How can I access the DS260 confirmation page? NVC has accepted/approved all my documents. I've saved the ds260 confirmation page when i submitted it. I want to check if anything changed. When I log back into CEAC, I click on IV Application and it shows the form again completed. Thanks.
  2. Yes you will. I am a member of this Telegram group chat and ppl DQ in nov got IL.
  3. Looks like September is in full force. Some October ILs were also sent out...
  4. Hi, nothing has came out yet for folks DQ'd in Oct 2021 did you see anything different? has it stopped?
  5. So you edited the ds260 form to write "yes" for "were you refused visa"? even though you were not refused visa?
  6. Don't know the status of this question at this point. However, with my research around multiple forums I see folks who were DQ'd on August 2021 are getting Interview Letters. Have you received yours?
  7. Hi can my wife take Laminated marriage certificate to US consulate when she has interview? Am getting mixed responses.
  8. But if the interviewer asks what is your husbands occupation, then she will respond saying the new title. Wouldnt it trigger alarms?
  9. Hi All, I've recently changed my job with a higher pay. At the same time, my wife has been documntary qualified and waiting for interview letter. I wanted to ask if I need to inform NVC and USCIS about the job change? please advise.
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