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  1. Again, I originally quoted the K1-Visa process before I learned, that it's about another visa. It's good to see, that people make good experiences with the different visas but I personally would wait with travelling as long as there is another application in place, but that's maybe only me then. I am not a lawyer and my finding have no legal grounds. End of the story for me. Open forums are for learning processes and not for getting aggressive imo.
  2. lucky for you, I have read numerous times that it is not a good idea to travel to the US during a K1-visa process. It might be legal, but it's everytime up to the immigration officer if he let the person pass or not. If there is a danger, that the person would stay instead of leaving again, the chances are very high to be refused to enter the country. It worked for you, but it doesn't work for everyone. It can depend on the country of origin of your now husband, I guess. And you don't need to yell at me to be heard. This is not social media where you can get nasty and ugly. Just be polite as others are.
  3. So the beneficiary is already married to an USCitizen but just waiting for the permanent green card after two years of marriage. Then why would that person still need a tourist visa? It's confusing. The IR-1 Visa should be enough to travel I think. Maybe I am missing an important point.
  4. I guess, since the petitioner is paying for the airplane ticket, I would cancel that one first or not buy it at all, if not done yet. The guy probably doesn't have the means to buy his own ticket. And, as others said before, contact the embassy and share the story as your friend sees it with the proof there is. Don't let the guy come here, as he will end up as an illegal because the petitioner will not support his adjustment of status. Sorry to your friend for all that and I guess, everyone should not ignore the small signs in such cases. They usually have a meaning.
  5. If you are in the process of a K1 Visa, there is NO travelling to the US allowed. Even if you have another legal visa to come here, D'ONT! It can void your petition immediately and of course, no refunds for any money.
  6. I printed some pictures on regular paper with my color printer, two per page.