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  1. Hi all, As most posts seem to relate to K-1 visas, I am curious if anyone else out there is currently going through DCF process for CR-1 (or IR-1) Visa in Moscow? We submitted our petition to USCIS on Feb 22nd right before the local office closed in Moscow and had it approved the same day. We have been at the stage now for 6 weeks where we are gathering all the paperwork for the Visa Interview at the Embassy, but there hasn't been a single interview date available since we started looking at the beginning of March. We won't have all the paperwork ready until mid/end of May, but we were hoping to get the interview booked for end of May as soon as possible to just get that stress out of the way (especially knowing how hard it is to get appointments right now). In this time, the calendar seems to have opened for K-1 visas at least 2-3 times, but never for CR-1 visa appointments. Calling/emailing the Embassy is proving to be completely useless as they can't provide any information on when appointments will be available 1) Is anyone else going through the same process at the moment? 2) The appointment calendar has been opened for us already, but do we need to submit the DS-260 for the Embassy to actually open up interview slots for us? Nothing in the directions says this, but I am just wondering if there is something we are missing. 3) If you have been able to get an appointment, when did the calendar become available for you? 4) Any advice or more recent experiences anyone can share on the DCF process? (I already read a full description of the DCF process in Moscow, but it is from 2012, so seems like some things might have changed in the last 7 years ) thanks in advance!! Brooke
  2. madamemoulin

    Packet IV and Medical Exam for K1

    Out of curiosity - where did you look this up?
  3. madamemoulin

    Moscow appointment

    How can I join the group for petitioners?
  4. madamemoulin

    Moscow appointment

    Is the WhatsApp in Russian or English? How can I join if it’s in English 😊?
  5. madamemoulin

    Moscow appointment

    Yes, we filed DCF in Moscow on Feb 22nd and got our approval within 4 hours! We are trying to get all the paperwork ready now for the visa interview which is taking some time as my husband is French and I am American, both living in Moscow - so just a lot to organise from not our home countries. We want to get the interview scheduled though or at least get some idea of how long it will take to get the interview scheduled so we can plan our move to the US.
  6. madamemoulin

    Moscow appointment

    Hi all - just wanted to check in on if people are now getting visa appointments through the website? My husband and I had our I-130 petition approved on February 22nd from the USCIS office in Moscow and now are trying to schedule the appointment, but it says no appointments available. Would love any tips/tricks you guys have for getting an appointment! Thanks!