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  1. Or you should reapply for AoS soon. My AoS application got denied in February and I just refilled last month. My fiancé visa was expired, that means practically illegal staying. You should ask at Japanese Consulate about her passport. As long as she can submit copy of some letters from USCIS such as NoA 1 of AoS application, she could get a passport because I could when I had not known about my denial in June.
  2. I am a Japanese woman. I just wonder how and when you got married her. She had tourist visa or ESTA? If you got married while she stayed with ESTA, she should have been back to Japan and applied for spouse visa to live in the US after you got married. She must go back to Japan ASAP before get deported. If she gets NTA and deported, she won’t be able to come back to the US for years at least. She needs to go back to Japan and apply for spouse visa. You will be able to visit her while she’s in Japan. Good luck.
  3. Hello everyone here, I sent my packet on October 25! My initial application that sent last year was denied, so this is the second one. I just want to let you know that USCIS system is messy, confusing because of high volume. So you shouldn’t trust your case status on their homepage and you should call them and ask directly if you worried about your case, but after 30days waiting. They would tell you to wait for 30days after you act or your case updated. Biometric should basically be in 30days, you can call them.
  4. Yes, last Christmas I noticed RFE was issued in November, then called them to request to resend them we got the letter in January, and I counted The due “87days”... it was like three more days. We didn’t know what we should have corrected paper until got the letter... And, I knew the denial in August, even it was in February. No status changed, called every day midnight here, every person said different “ still processing “ “ all denied”! Tier2 said their system is confusing right now. He couldn’t see my denial on his system. so I want everyone to check and make sure your case status. And no trust them.!
  5. I dont want to make you feel uneasy but my application was denied because I got the RFE three days before the due to send out documents. I am reapplying soon with another fee, for my son $2,500! Now USCIS is messy because of high volume. Even if you got RFE letter the right before the due, you should send out ASAP and the due should be 87days, 90days at thte most. My time line still shows "your documents had received " even though it was denied in February.
  6. Not yet. My husband has been trying to talk but seems busy. He will talk to his brother today. No, my paperwork seems ok. Thank you. I saw it and trying to apply soonest!
  7. I of course don’t have a credit card, my husband neither. Done with paperwork, just waiting for the money to corrected....
  8. We’re done with paperwork but still waiting for money to pay for the fee from my husband’s brother. I don’t think we will be able to submit before October 15. Now I am worried about the form. Do I have to remake all of the form after October 15? I-485, I-864, I-765, I-131... and need the new form I-944.
  9. Thank you. I will submit joint bank account and insurance, but need photos and cards for this initial package?
  10. Their system seems messy right now since it’s high volume. I requested and call many times about my case. My application was denied in February, but I knew that in August. I haven’t received denial notice yet even though requested some times through Tier2.
  11. Do I need to submit photos and cards to prove our relationship for AoS even though we had a lot for K1? Some people said don’t need, but others submitted. And I saw many people said no needed at interviews either.
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