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  1. Finally!! Got our interview letter!! 😭🙏🏼😭🙏🏼 CC May 1st, Mumbai
  2. Someone who had a DQ date of April 30th got their IL last wednesday. But another person with the same date as well as people who had DQ-ed on April 29th haven't gotten their ILs.
  3. They received their nvc welcome letter not interview letter
  4. CR1/IR1 is spouse of a us citizen and F2A is spouse of green card resident
  5. And that person who updated their timeline made a mistake
  6. Oh yeah you’re right!! Well we’ve waited this long and while it’s definitely not easy at all, it’ll happen soon! 🙏🏼
  7. Thursday (Aug 15th) is Independence Day so maybe not that day 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. I could be wrong, but once your case reaches the NVC, I don’t think the uscis center matters. It’s the NVC that handles your case now.
  9. JJ & JT

    NVC to Mumbai

    CR1/IRs interviews are scheduled by the embassy. Most of us have been waiting after DQ since end of April.
  10. JJ & JT

    NVC to Mumbai

    Don't exactly know why they aren't giving out any dates to the CR1/IR1s. But the F2As that's gotten the dates have 2017 PDs and there's so many that have been waiting since DQ from the beginning of this year, so maybe they're trying to get those backlogged ones out first.
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