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  1. Have you submitted your USA naturalisation certificate ? I don't see you mentioning this anywhere.
  2. Well it's perfectly fine if the status is Administrative processing even after the CO approved your Visa. The status stays as AP for like 2-3 days untill the passport is stamped with your Visa. Once it's stamped the status changes to issued. You receive the email/sms for pickup or get delivered to your address provided. This is the regular process. But your status showing ready for interview again is very unusual after your Visa getting approved. Probably you will have to check with NVC for this
  3. You cannot see the interview date on the usatraveldocs website. It's used only for scheduling biometrics. Also you are asked to choose passport pickup/delivery option while scheduling the biometrics appointment. On an average the passport is ready to pickup or get delivered in 3-5 business days. My passport was ready to collect on 4th working day after my visa was approved.
  4. The schedule appointment option that you see on this website is for your biometrics appointment (fingerprint appointment) which you have to schedule after you receive your IL and before the interview. The next available appointment option is gone cause you already started filling out details and scheduling the appointment. When you do so you will see the continue option in the top of the list. Also please take care of not logging in to this website multiple times on one single day. It will block your I'd for next 72hrs. This happened to me. My interview was on 13th June and for biometrics I could see the next available date as 28th June. Some others from my country were facing the same problem. So best thing to do is if you don't see next available date which has to before your interview date just wait for few hours and try to login again. They keep opening the earlier dates as some people cancel and reschedule their biometrics appointment. So be patient. @DDP&JDP @ram007 @ram_shan hope this clarifies everything. Also only people whose expedite request has been accepted will be able to schedule their actual interview on their own
  5. When you book an appointment for your biometrics you will be asked to choose whether you want to pick up the passport or you want to get it delivered. Passport pick up location is same as the one for biometrics.
  6. Yes they take your fingerprints and photograph. You can schedule this appointment anytime after receiving the IL but before the interview. Not necessarily a day before the interview. Ones you receive your IL it will have instructions to schedule the VAC appointment. You can choose any date which is available and convenient to you .
  7. VAC is the biometrics appointment you need to book before the interview and after receiving the IL.
  8. Thank you !! Ya the last and the final wait now !! Will be over soon !
  9. Hi everyone!! I had my interview today at Mumbai embassy. So happy to inform that my visa was approved!! Questions asked were very simple but it was like a rapid fire round 😄 1. Who is calling you ? 2. How did you two meet? 3. Was this arranged or love marriage? 4. Who arranged it for you ? 5. When did you two meet ? Explain the timeline 6. What does your husband do for a living ? 7. What does he do in his free time? 8. What are your plans after reaching USA? 9. Have you been for your honeymoon? Where did you go? 10. What do you like about your husband? 11. What kind of food does your husband love to eat? 12. Have you been to USA before ? She asked for wedding album and pictures from our honeymoon. She asked me to identify one person she pointed out from the album. That's it and she said the golden words!! Congratulations your Visa is approved!!! She did not ask for any call logs, chat logs, financial documents from me. But it's advisable that you should take them along with you My interview was at 7.30am. I had reached by 6.30am. They started calling all the immigrant visa applicants at 6.50am itself and asked us to form a line. The security checked the passport and the interview appointment letter. After getting inside they asked to arrange the following documents 1. DS 260 ( the one stamped at the VAC appointment ) 2. Marriage certificate and a copy 3. Police clearance original 4. Medical reports ( just take the white colored sealed envelope. You donot need to carry the CD given along with the reports) 5. Birth certificate and a copy 6. Two photographs USA VISA size .. First an Indian officer checked all the documents and asked some questions like who is calling you ? , Have you been to USA before? Have you visited any other county? A token number is give to you and asked to wait for the final interview. Luckily my number was called second and I was done with my interview by 8.30am. It was pretty fast for me. People are randomly called for final interview. There is no sequence followed. It might even take 3-4 hrs for the entire process. Good luck to everyone who are waiting for their IL and to those whose interviews are lined up. Just be confident and trust yourself. Thank you everyone on the VJ community. Everyone have been of great help here. Good luck!
  10. You will get an interview email directly. You can then check your case status on ceae website. Initially it will show status as "in transit" untill it reaches Mumbai embassy.
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