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  1. go to the My uscis page and see if your case was assigned to an officer, look below the history and tell me that you get
  2. Yesterday I sent my proofs by fax, they take two days to send you the mail, my mail never arrived because they put it wrong, but I called and they told me to attach the receipt of the i 765
  3. I apply this morning and I will send all the bills my husband owes on his credit cards, the bills he pays at home, you will see that everything will work out
  4. she sent her house bills, sent a medical bill, sent her husband's credit card statements. Did you apply?
  5. I am going to give you some advice, my friend all told her that it was very fast to request the expedite and people always made an excuse and she asked for it and they approved it ... with request you do not waste anything, maybe a little time and That is what we have most, so without fear ask for the expedite and send your credit card accounts and all the expenses of the house, if they approve it well and if you do not lose anything
  6. You can do it for financial loss and send all the bills they have, a friend did it and they approved it, tomorrow I will make the request, you do not necessarily have to have any job offer, with the invoices it is enough
  7. I just took my prints, everything was fast and the staff very friendly.
  8. I just saw the letter for the fingerprints, in the informed delivery of the USPS, and yours will also arrive soon
  9. You requested your AP without having taken the biometric fingerprint??
  10. Do you have an appointment for scheduled fingerprints?
  11. you must call, my package arrived there on December 13 and just on January 13 I called and they gave me my case number, it took 31 days to put it in the system and I called almost every day, I still do not get the letters... call today
  12. Just the same day I sent the authorization to the congresswoman, I called and my case was already in the system and I sent her an email informing that the problem was already solved. with the ombudsman they had my case and they kept sending me an answer but they never did, I don't know if they worked in silence.
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