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    My life is dedicated to my son, Ryan, and the little girl we are expecting.
    I enjoy poetry writing and spending my time with family and friends.

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    K-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    United Kingdom
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    October 20th 2015 Ryan and I met online.
    First just as friends, talking about the game application we both play.
    Little did I know my soul mate was on the other end miles away.
    This friendship quickly bloomed and we decided to start a long distance relationship.

    We text each other all night every night and talk and sleep on the phone.
    The distance is tough but worth the wait if forever is around the corner.

    In 2016 we discussed finally meeting each other

    We decided to meet in November 2016 to stay over the Thanksgiving period.

    He flew in to Chicago O'hare and will never forget the day and the nerves waiting on someone I knew so well but never in person.

    When he came through customs it was a feeling I will never forget.

    Originally he was only going to stay 3 weeks and ended up staying in the US for a few months.

    We spent Christmas and New years together and my son adored him.

    To this day my son refers to him as his “best friend”.

    We had an amazing first Christmas together as a family with myself, Ryan, and my son.

    The time passed so quickly and before we knew it, it was time for Ryan to fly home after the New Year.
    Dropping him off at the airport each visit is devastating.
    When he is gone, I am incomplete.
    He visited again for my birthday and Easter.

    August of 2017, Ryan visited me by surprise, I was so happy. A few weeks later my Grandmother passed away.
    Myself, Ryan and my son Tyler drove down Illinois for the funeral where he met the rest of my family.

    October 2017 (2 years of us being together) Ryan bought me a ring which he got down on one knee and proposed to me.
    I, of course, said yes.
    Ryan than had to leave again. and worked for a year building money.
    This has been the most difficult and longest time separated since we first met.
    We were reunited again in November 2018 and spent our second Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together.
    For Thanksgiving we drove to New baden to spend it with family.
    Christmas and New year we spent together as a family.

    Ryan left again February 2019 after my first ultra sound and being 4 plus weeks expecting.

    We intend to get married when he arrives with his K1 visa Indiana with close friends and family attending.

    We know now we are expecting our little girl in September ❤️👌.
    Ryan and I are received our NOA1 in April.

    We wait patiently on a N0A2 in hopes our new beginning will start soon and be reunited as a family.
    That Ryan does not need to wait to long to see his little girl arrive into the world.

    Here is to ❤️ And and a eternity of Happiness.

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  1. That is very promising to hear. Ryan and I have a similar relationship but the age difference is many years. I’ve been told that this will be a serious issue. He is the love of my life and we are expecting a little girl. I pray that this will not be an issue. Good luck to you and you two are adorable!
  2. Thank you for this review. This is extremely helpful. Congrats and Good Luck on your journey together. So happy for you both. 🎊🎉
  3. A little late to the post but sent March 27 and received receipt for NOA1 on April 1. April fools day.. smh. Anyway, congratulations 🎊🎈 to all of you and let the journey begins. 👌🙏👍
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