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    October 20th 2015 Ryan and I met online.
    First just as friends, talking about the game application we both play.
    Little did I know my soul mate was on the other end miles away.
    This friendship quickly flourished and we decided to start a long distance relationship.
    We began to text each other every night and talk and sleep on the phone.
    The distance is tough but worth the wait if forever is around the corner.

    In 2016, we discussed finally meeting each other
    We decided to meet in November 2016 to stay over the Thanksgiving period.
    He flew in to Chicago O'hare and I will never forget that day and the nerves waiting on someone I knew so well, just never in person.

    When he came through customs it was a feeling I will never forget.
    Originally he was only going to stay 3 weeks and ended up staying in the US for a few months. We spent Christmas and New years together.

    My son whom is 13 absolutely adores him and to this day my son refers to him as his “best friend”.

    We had an amazing first Christmas together as a family with myself, Ryan, and my son.
    The time passed so quickly and before we knew it, it was time for Ryan to fly home after the New Year.
    Dropping him off at the airport each visit was devastating.
    When he is gone, I am incomplete.
    He visited again for my Birthday and Easter.
    August of 2017, Ryan visited me by surprise. So Happy!
    But a few weeks in to his stay, my Grandmother passed away.
    Myself, Ryan, and my son Tyler drove down Illinois for the funeral where he met the rest of my family.

    October of 2017 Ryan bought me a ring:
    He got down on one knee and proposed to me and I said yes.
    He is the most wonderful man I know.
    Ryan than had to leave again. and we both worked for a year building and saving money.
    This had been the most difficult and longest time separated since we first met.
    We were reunited again in November 2018 and spent our second Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together.
    For Thanksgiving we drove to New Baden to spend it with family.
    Christmas and New year we spent together as a family.

    Ryan left again February 2019 after my first ultra sound and being 4 plus weeks expecting.
    We had our little girl this August and Ryan flew to the U.S. for her birth and than back home in September to complete his medical and interview.
    We received our NOA2 on June 20 and approved for our K1 Visa on October 4th at the Embassy in London.
    We now have been issued the K1 Visa and were reunited on October 23 of this year.

    Our wedding was November 8th and we finally said “we do” for the rest of our lives.
    I know one day we will be able to explain to our daughter, Hannah, the story of her mother and father and how we made it against all odds;
    To never give up on love and some things are simply meant to be and by chance.

    I wish everyone here the same and to be united with your loved ones.

    Love knows no boundaries 🙏💕
    Here is to ❤️ and an eternity of happiness !

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  1. Finally had Ryan’s SS number issued. Yay ! Took 3 visits in total as there was a mismatch but finally have it ! 😊 @yoda one for me
  2. Which is why I said YMMV. I did the same as you did and wasted hours and hours on the phone. Once I relaxed it moved forward. If your aware than I’ve wasted my time. That’s great if you have seen it speed up. Good luck on your journey and Congrats !
  3. Yes and input exactly how Greenbaum says to enter it into the email. Perfect.
  4. I apologize. I misunderstood you were just approved NOA2 so if I confused you please disregard. What I wrote you can do after it gets to NVC and once you get a NVC number. For now just update your address and such and follow your timeline on the pdf. Happy Holidays !
  5. We put our names, DOB, email addresses again even though our emails hadn’t changed. Yes, it’s odd and yes they may have it but follow @Greenbaum packet. Works Wonders and was spot on.
  6. Did you read through the pdf that is at the start. Do you have your LND number from NVC ? You can do your 160 but no you will get an email from London once it’s ready if I remember right. Ryan, the applicant, received everything after NOA 2 approval. I was the petitioner did not receive anything else until he arrived in the US. 🙏 Packet 3 and 4 are emails only between filling out the DS 160 than once they email the applicant they can do the medical and schedule interview, pay the fees. Etc. We just went through London in October. Good luck and Congrats ! Also, it took 4-6 weeks for our packet to get from USCIS to NVC. Almost two months to London Embassy due to the cut off dates of when they assign the number to when they ship the packets to embassy. Where you just approved two weeks ago ? Your not delayed in any way unless it’s finally sped up again. I would keep following the pdf and make it your friend. I reread that thing probably 100 times while waiting but it’s very accurate. I get it.. easier said than done. Good Luck to you both and YMMV.
  7. Thank you so much. I feel liberated being done and ready to submit our packet. I appreciate your feedback🙏
  8. Thank you. So I just need my past three years transcripts and employee verification with pay stubs for 2019? I would assume they want proof of this year as well but for the last three years my transcripts are enough if I am understanding correctly. I appreciate your feedback and help as reading through I was confused on what they need for each year and since I haven’t done my taxes this year than I’m guessing that I will need the above for just 2019 than?
  9. Ryan and I are finished with our AoS forms and have completed them through DIY on VJ. We are wanting to submit now but have a few questions prior to sending.. Question on I864- I have filled out the entire form and want to ensure I send enough for evidence. I am including all 3 years tax transcripts and all of them around 55-95 thousand for each of the three years. The 55 thousand was for the latter and higher amount the most recent. For this year, I am at 65,000, give or take a few dollars, as of today but was on maternity leave for 8 weeks. I have a letter from my employer stating I make a minimum of 42,500 (I make commission above that amount). Should I also include bank statements and W2s ? I am a bit confused about W2s and bank statements and if I need to submit more than the tax transcripts. I have a household of 4 including myself. Anything more I should include ? Im including all three years to show the 42,500 is the minimum and to show I make commissions well above that amount for all three years. I need to show my income for 2019 which is why I include my pay stubs, bank statements, and/or letter from employer? thanks
  10. Question on this - Everything sent in to USCIS should be single sided or has that requirement changed ? Sorry OP, I am not trying to take over your post but I noticed you stated you sending them in double sided and always thought single sided only was allowed. Could someone confirm it can be submitted that way ? thanks.
  11. 20 yrs age gap and no issues but Nigeria as Cathi said is a different embassy and much tougher than UK. We did have 4 or almost 5 yrs of trips back and forth, a child, and a ton of “evidence” to support. He was not even asked about it at interview but I would venture that your embassy will require much more. Good luck on your journey !
  12. I added my husband today and they go retro back to the day we were married. We had 30 days to supply a marriage certificate and change to a family plan. My form “literally” asks for a SSN for myself, my two kids, and for him. I had to fight it as well as they told me that they would drop him within those days. They said it’s needed to report to gvt. You may get pushback as I did but supplied certificate and that he’s applied for his ss, showed proof of this and will update his number once issued. Good Luck. Many HR associates nor their plan adjusters understand this so stay on them and don’t take no.
  13. I’m so sorry this happened to you. This happened to me in my first relationship and we had a child. I thought I had to stay for the child. I wanted so badly to forgive him and had him block her, I put him in prison per say for years. It was not healthy for him nor I. I naturally fell out of love with him and never could forgive him despite me trying to watch his every move. I was miserable. We tried everything and we can all say try this or try that... I believe you will know how you feel and if you can forgive one day. It took me five years of “staying” but you’ll know once you’ve tried what’s best for you. We all deal with things differently and no one can say or tell the future. However, Never accept the blame and your intuition will lead you down your path for happiness. This is not about him now but what you want. You may grieve for a day or years. That’s your prerogative and your right as a individual. Keep your head up and know that you didn’t ruin anything and there is not ONE excuse that makes this Ok. I wish you the best no matter what you decide. Had I not finally left than I’d never have met my husband and have my baby girl. Good luck to you and this shall pass on your own time.. no one else’s.
  14. Thanks. Yes we did follow up and the agent put the wrong dates on the expiration date so they had “fix” it and send it back through yet again. However, I do think it will be issued now. I’ll give them a week for their mistake and than follow up. I honestly see why people get so frustrated trying to get it issued. Each agent “literally” tells you something different. I think you have to find the right agent and once you do than it gets sorted. Extremely frustrating process to say the least. So happy for you getting it issued. I’ll keep you posted. 😊
  15. I’m sorry @Zoeeeeeee I see Ryan struggle with the same thing in terms of food. The food situation is similar but very different. He is the same with ingredients and the supermarket. Ex. One would think eggs is eggs but UK n US have much different controls on ingredients. The US is much more lenient IMO and sugar is in everything. I never noticed this until recently. Shoot, we have sugar in our bread. I had no idea. 😂 I took off work today so we can go shopping for groceries and start on Christmas so hopefully I can help. I couldn’t imagine eating something “normal” and than it tastes so different. We just got him the PG tea. Its amazing and I’m not a huge tea fan.( I probably shouldn’t have admitted this on a UK forum 😜) and a glass kettle this week. No matter how similar the US n UK are there are still differences and a transition. I definitely can see the highs n lows with Ryan. I can’t relate but I know what you described Ryan goes through as well. Good to hear that your in the states now and together. 🙏
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