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  1. Hello Vj Members, Just a heads up for indian members. I landed in LAX last week. The immigration process went very smooth. I had an issue withe the airline in india. It was singapore airline. I dint get a package with my passport because it was electronically done. But the airline had no idea and they demanded a package. They wasted good 45 minutes and made calls and somehow let me on the plane. So if anyone faces the same issue , atleast they should be ready for it.
  2. This guy at mumbai biometrics told me the slots open at 2am everyday if there is any cancelation. He had booked one for may but got one available for april through that process. I am not sure if that works or not but you may give it a try.
  3. Thanks for the help. Got my passport today. I called ustraveldocs and they gave me a tracking number. I was expecting a notification from their end when the passport was dispatched. Anyhow , i got it now. Thanks again
  4. Would anyone by any chance know how long does the mumbai embassy take after the visa has been issued ? It took 1 working day(past monday) for the status to change from "Administrative processing" to " Issued" on ceac after the interview. Havn't received any notification after that regarding the delivery.
  5. For mine they never asked for any papers. Even I had brought everything including w2s , all transcripts, bank details, job letter , pay stubs etc. They probably judge you for what you have already uploaded on the CEAC website. If you cannot get the 2018 transcripts , you should just get the copy of your your 2018 taxes. That's what i took along for just in case. Even i dint had the 2018 transcripts. But definetly take along everything else including pay stubs,job letter. The taxes are the only way to judge that the beneficiary wont be a public dependent after arriving in usa i suppose.
  6. M sure I shouldn’t be asked this question because i was the only one who waited like 4 hours plus for my interview to happen hahha. It was so frustrating.I don’t what exactly happened but somehow my token number was missed and only my number was called like 4 hours later. Everyone else went with the flow. So from start to finish , normally you should be out around 2 hours. Unless your takes a longer time.
  7. That is why i said “I suppose”, i never said i am sure. I dint get into it because my wife wasn’t here with me at the interview. But I definitely saw 2-3 spouses there.but just to be sure you could call up the embassy and ask.
  8. Only their spouses with USA passport and i suppose that would also only be with a prior appointment. There is no sitting place outside the embassy for the people accompanying you. They have to sit or stand across the road on the pavement. Make sure you read all the instructions of what you can or cannot take inside just the embassy to reduce any extra time. I saw people with wedding dvds being told off at the security and they had to go out and renter again. Not even a pendrive is allowed inside.
  9. Mine was in english. I personally think that if you are confident you should go for english. But people with other languages were doing fine too but their interviews were definitely longer because interpretations. But i would still conclude , go for the language you are confident in.
  10. The lady who interviewed was really nice to me. Asked me question like who is calling you love or arrange marriage Explained on how even if you have love marriage , the families still gotta meet and approve according to our indian culture. She smiled and agreed to it. Saw my album which has honeymoon and anniversary holiday pics.Dint see any other papers. I am not sure if its true or not about the language queue because it really depends on how many people are there for other languages or just for english.
  11. Hi , I had my interveiw today and i was told my visa has been approved. My ceac status now comes up as "Administrative Processing". Is this alright ?
  12. Got approved today at Mumbai consulate for my CR1 visa. Just wanted to thank the VJ community for all the help. Will put a thorough review in a day or two on my timeline. Basically took 5-8 minutes. Never looked at any documents i had with me (taxes , w2, transcripts, job letter,pay stubs, proof of all the communication like whatsapp,fb,facetime,call) The only thing they looked at was a little photo album with our photos of wedding reception and travels. I suppose they judge you with how you respond to the questions and how confident you are. thank you once again
  13. What if i take the tax return (1040) with me to the interview but not the transcripts as they probably wont be available before my interview. Will that be a problem ? As the taxes would be already filled but just not the transcripts available ?
  14. The taxes have been filled but the transcripts are not available at this stage. probably because they were filed last month. Any idea if NVC would have a problem ?
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