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  1. it has been a while since i posted here (gathering documents, making plans)....So I am happy to say, that as of october 16th my fiancee's k1 visa was approved (us embassy bogota) . We are extremely happy and I just wanted to share our result. Once that packet is sent out, things go so quickly (almost too quickly). It is super helpful to have all of your papers ORGANIZED and easily searchable because they asked for certain papers on the spot and the whole process at this particular embassy was very streamlined. As for the actual interview, I did attend with her and they even asked me some questions (to my surprise). but everything went very good. Best of luck to those who are still left in this thread that need to have their interview.
  2. Hello! I would like to give an update. we received our instructions on september 10! it did not take the full 3 to 4 weeks they quoted us. Today we programmed our interview for october 16th ! we are excited. im sure yours will be happening soon as well
  3. so just a little update if anyone is interested of in the same "boat" as me. Our case was received by the embassy in Bogota, Colombia and given the "ready" status on the CEAC website on august 8th. Then we waiting for the packet instructions. fast forward exactly 3 weeks, august 29th, my fiance got a phone call from the embassy asking her what her email was. They said they would email her the packet instructions between 3 to 4 weeks. CEAC shows an update to our case now "august 29th" . So for anyone waiting for their instructions so they can schedule an interview...I understand the wait is dreadful but...we are at their mercy. Also, it is to my understanding that the embassy in bogota also is taking extra work from the people in venezuela. so i can totally understand why it would take over a month for us to receive our instructions. At this time, we are taking things pretty easy. if it comes down to it, we can always request for a time extension for our case. (it is good until sometime in october )
  4. I know no one has responded to this but I have some news on my case. Today my fiance received a phone call from the embassy and they asked her for her email and that they would be sending the instructions to her. they told her it would be about 3 to 4 weeks. our case was created july 25th on CEAC and "ready" on august 8th on CEAC. Today is exactly 3 weeks from arriving at the embassy. so if they take another 3 or 4 weeks. im looking at a total of 6 to 7 weeks from arriving at the embassy to receiving the packet of instructions. i hope this helps others!
  5. I need the answer to this too! we do not know how long we will wait for the packet. on the CEAC site it says our case is "ready". my fiance called the embassy and all they did was give her a link to the embassy website and no information on our case. please help
  6. Hello, another question. How long does it typically take for packet instructions to be sent from the embassy in bogota? My case has been "ready" status at embassy since august 8th. Thanks
  7. Nice!! If I got by the information online, it is saying by the end of today mine should arrive. I hope to be "ready" soon as well 🧾
  8. I feel your pain. I was unable to get the dates to show up either. I believe the DHL "track by shipper's reference" is a little fickle. I put a range of 5 days into the search and I get an error "Invalid From Date. Date range for shipment can't exceed 120 days. Please correct From Date. " which is clearly wrong. 120 days? haha. but if I changed it to a 4 day range, it shows shipping information. Keep trying different combinations of dates. For me it worked only with the dates from august 5th to august 8th. no other combination worked for me. In my opinion try august 5 to august 8. I believe we were unable to get shipping info until it was august 8th on the east coast of the united states. because If i had put august 5 to august 7th yesterday, i was getting an error. I believe this is because DHL shows they received the shipping information on august 7th. so if we put in august 5 to august 7th, the computer can not "see" the shipping information on the end date if the shipping information was received on that date. I still can not see shipping information if I use august 5th to august 7th (when technically it would fall in that range). it is just a computer/date issue. use august 8th as an end date and i am 99.9 % sure it should work now for you. (sorry if all that didn't make sense...it made sense when i was writing it lol)
  9. Hello! My case is in transit to the Bogota embassy as I type this. I had some questions that maybe others might know the answer too. Will my beneficiary get her packet in the physical mail or email? also, is there a wait to get an interview date? and if so, how days of a wait is there. thanks!
  10. I'm Excited today for everyone anticipating a shipping. i just wanted to say that I finally received an email from the NVC inquiry to update me and my beneficiary's email. The inquiry was over a month ago, so for others who sent an inquiry to the NVC and never got a response within the typical week, don't get discouraged. It is possible they will still get back with you. The only part I am not so sure of is getting the packet. I know it is really more of an embassy specific thing and out of the scope of this thread. I have seen the embassy past packet for Bogota and have downloaded it, but I am not sure through which means we will receive the current version (physical or electronic). it seems I am so close to the interview date that i can almost taste it!
  11. I called the NVC today and was given my case number. 😎 Using the Julian calendar, I was able to figure out when my case number was assigned. NOA2: 06/27/19 Case Number Assigned: 07/25/19 CEAC site shows status as: At NVC I wanted to update my timeline to include a date the NVC recieved my case, but I was unable to find this out. (I did not ask the person on the phone unfortunately). If others are wondering, I have never received any form of contact from NVC, even after having sent an email inquiry to update my email and beneficiary's email. Now to wait for its shipment ✈️
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