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  1. yeah i wasn't sure about this either. The RFE asks for her intent to marry within the 90 days, not my intent, (which is probably more evident since I sent picture of our engagement and ring and reciept) but i was thinking maybe it would not hurt to send a letter of mine as well just to be safe.
  2. Ok, so I received my physical RFE notice in the mail yesterday . (my NOA1 is march 4, RFE1 june 11) . I got the initial notice online on 6/11 and received it in the mail on 6/15. Not a long wait by any means. The RFE was for evidence of my beneficiary's Intent to marry within 90 days of entering the United States. Now, it says a statement is acceptable from my fiancee. Would the best option be to type a letter online, send it to my fiancee in an email and have her print it, sign it and scan it back to me? I was thinking of also taking screen shots of some conversations we have had, but I dont want to give them more than what is required. I want to keep it concise.
  3. its at the california service center not yet. i only got the update on the website. i am currently waiting for the hard copy to come in the mail.
  4. youre absolutely right, you definitely put things into perspective. i should be happy that they have my application in front of them now. and youre a february filer! I am rooting for you ( along with everyone going through the process) i'll be checking back daily to see if there are updates from you or others.
  5. march 4th. i hope i get it in the mail soon so i can give them what they want. *deep breaths* and i hope its not much more of a wait.
  6. i just got a request for additional evidence notification on the uscis website . i thought i did everything correct. i want this process to be completed
  7. out noa1 is march 4th and we still have not gotten then noa2. we are patiently waiting. i really hope i get an answer this week!
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