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  1. It is up to 120 days from what I read... absolutely mind blowing !!! which state are you in?
  2. We are in line for the interview - scheduled for January 22nd at 8h30... getting closer... How long are you waiting for case number now?
  3. Yes you can upload your civil (required) documentation into additional documents. The last date of submission will be the one NVC considers as submission date so be aware this will (probably) delay NVC review
  4. Hey ALix, ROC = removal of conditions How does it work? Well, if you are married less then 2 years at the time of entering the US with your visa - you will have conditional green card (CR1) - valid for 2 years. 6 months before your GC expires you will have to apply for ROC - you will need to prove you are still married, living together etc. in order to obtain permanent GC (10 years). On the other hand, if at the time you enter the US you are married more then 2 years, you will immediatly be granted IR1 visa - with 10y validity of GC In my case, we got married on Feb 13th 2018. My interview in on Jan 22nd 2020. They will give me CR1 (conditional visa). But I will be entering US AFTER Feb 13th 2020. Therefore, I will at the POE (point of entry), specifiy that to the officer and show him/her my marriage certificate. They will autaomatically change my visa type and grant me 10 years GC. Hope it is clear
  5. I was just able to register the interview! As my medical is already done (on Dec 10th), I will just patiently wait for the interview!
  6. Hello to you all! Just received IL today - interview will be in Paris embassy (France) on January 22nd. You have my detailed timeline in my signature (and on my timeline) Good luck to you all!
  7. Congrats to you! Do you mind sharing your timeline and Interview experience? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hey all! Just received my Interview Letter!!!! DQ - 11/22 IL - 12/16 Interview - 01/22 I am SO happy!!! BUT - I read we need to register the appointment once we get IL on the embassy site - I just tried to do it and it says : The Immigrant Visa case number provided is not ready to schedule an appointment... Did anyone else had this problem?
  9. Call the doctor about the price for kids! We will probably have IL at the same time
  10. Hey, Everything is explained on this website https://www.english-doctor-paris.com/visa-medicals/usa-visa-en the price is 240€ + X-rays (60€) and blood/urine (56€) it is different for small children (explained into the website) You can have the appointment without IL - you need NVC case but you have to enter USA within 6 months after your X-rays so it is smart to wait to book medical when you have IL. Otherwise if you have some delays you will have to do the medical (and x rays) again - I decided to take the risk
  11. The good part with Dr Jolly website is that she realizes how frustrating and expensive the whole process is and really tries to make it easier for us, but of course by following rules dictated by US embassy. Her website is up to date and when I got there she still didn’t receive my X-ray results - she sent WhatsApp to a doctor and obtained them within 5 min from that moment ! Also, my doctor took vaccinations sheet and put vaccination dates / immunization tests next to each requirement and signed. This was enough for Dr Jolly even though I did carry on my carnet de santé and immunization records. So, just follow her website and you will be fine!
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