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  1. Hello, please is the wait time for an interview long at the Lagos American embassy or do they have scheduling interview dates often? Thank you 

  2. Seas that are shaken and stirred Can be calmed and broken for my regard And through it all, through it all My eyes are on You And it is well It is well So let go my soul and trust in Him The waves and wind still know His name Oh it is well with my soul
  3. Thank you Ivie! I have to check to see what the time is. I think it's around that time
  4. IL: Today, June 20, 2019 Interview: July 30, 2019 CC: April 15, 2019 Lagos Nigeria
  5. No nothing is guaranteed. But if he doesn't want to wait he can get a co sponsor.
  6. Ok. I was only giving an example of when America might not accept a marriage.
  7. My father had to get additional travel authority for the baby. Maybe it was a passport and not a visa. Ill confirm tonight when I see him. Thanks for the insight
  8. That isn't true. Let me talk to my dad and his wife tonight so that I can give you more info. Basically if you have a legal legitimate marriage it is accepted by America. I don't know about corruption in the Philippines but my husband, who is in the immigration process right now, is from Nigeria. And Nigeria had actual courts conducting marriages that they had no authority to do. So all those marriages were made invalid by the Nigerian government. So based on the Nigerian government invalidating them now the US won't accept them. Fortunately for us we choose the right court to get married at. I think it was city or state that was performing illegal marriages to make money. Other than nonsense like that, you won't have any problems getting married abroad.
  9. Forgot to say my father also married a Phillipina... Same country as you and your gf
  10. Hi my dad was in the same situation about 12 years ago. So your child will have dual citizenship. But will still need a visa when they do come to the states (which is stupid in my opinion but nevertheless required). My dad had to get one when his newborn was a baby. Which slightly delayed them since he wasn't expecting that. As far as income, get a joint sponsor here in the states that meets the income requirements so that you won't have to delay thier immigration. One difference is my dad married her before the baby was conceived. But he still did the K3 visa application as it was faster. Any other questions i can ask my dad and his wife.
  11. You're welcome. Check with USCIS too. You don't want any issues returning to America.
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