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  1. lol im hoping earlier lol like 6 weeks just to get a date seems a bit excessive lol but as I've learned throughout this process ..patience is everything
  2. It seems it has slowed down in recent months - people seem to have a month between notice of readiness and an interview - I mean we are waiting almost a month just for a date forget about the interview.
  3. I wonder does it get emailed to me (beneficiary) or the USC. I'm gonna ask my fiance to keep an eye on his emails also.
  4. No not yet literally hitting refresh also all morning at work - maybe after lunch lol
  5. Today is the day for us everyone Lets hope we get our appointment date today.
  6. Sorry to hear that I hope you get good news of a rescheduled interview soon
  7. Yeah, I just want the date so we at least know lol this whole process is a test of patience.
  8. Hoping this will be the week for us all to get our interview dates
  9. Oh, so the divorce papers are referring to me? If I had been previously married - they dont want his (usc)?
  10. Yeah apparently its a thing now where you just input the details on the district courts site and the clerk signs and stamps it and scans it. It looks legitimate and the guy at the court said it should be accepted everywhere I'm just unsure if its acceptable by the consulates etc.
  11. Hi All, Quick question in relation to whether e-certified copies of divorce decrees are acceptable for the interview. My Fiance (USC) got an electronic certified copy of his divorce decree emailed to him from the district court where it happened. Will this be acceptable or do they require like the raised seal/stamp? Any info will be helpful.
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