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  1. Yeah I really hope that just because we missed out on the appointment our cases arent just gathering dust somewhere on someone's desk until we get them done.
  2. **Sigh** i just missed out on getting biometrics done by like a day before all the closures happened...is there definately no way of ead being processed without biometrics?
  3. Yeah hopefully....i guess we will find out soon...until then im gonna try and avoid reading too much into it...nothing gives me anxiety more than a headline which includes the words trump and immigration.
  4. After several months of relaxation without worries about all this stuff im now back scouring the forums about this EO....i hope this wont affect those of us who have already filed for aos and those of us still awaiting our employment authorisation...the inability to work and contribute financially is so so difficult and throw this pandemic and social distancing into the mix..its crazyness. Hopefully it will be released tomorrow and we will know where we stand. Crossing my fingers for all of us ❤
  5. I have biometrics appointments scheduled for march 27th and April 1st but have not received reschedule letters...am i to assume theyre not going ahead or probably best to call to clarify?
  6. Yes indeed...my husband is pouring me a rather large glass of wine and enjoying telling me he knew everything would be fine lol 😆
  7. Woohoo.... Just received 3 texts with case numbers...mailed i485, ead and ap on february 7th, delivered February 10th and today March 2nd at 11.30pm we got the texts. First sigh of relief I've had in weeks. Good luck guys. ☺☺☺☺☺
  8. Im wondering when is too early to call and enquire about that status of my aos...almost a month and money order not cashed,nothing received in the mail and no notifications by text/email. 😩
  9. Our money order still hasnt been cashed and we sent my aos packet off on Feb 7th and it was delivered feb 10th....im right there with ya on the freak out train 😆
  10. Sent AOS today - now to wait for the noa1. Good luck all feb filers.
  11. I'm in similar situation, received a 221g for more documents - sent them in got approved - now im finalising aos packet and am unsure whther to click yes or no for have i ever been denied a visa because of the 221g - what did you say - yes or no? Thank you
  12. i'm getting ready to submit my aos packet this week but i just read that the public charge rule is being implemented on feb 24th - do i use the editions i already filled out and have prepared to send or so i use other ones once theyre posted on the site - in a bit of a panic after reading it.
  13. I just had an interview recently...I was raised in Ireland most of my life but have an Australian and Irish passport but because I was born I Germany despite the fact I never lived there I was required to submit a police cert from there - still waiting on it. I don't know if the same rules apply for diff visas etc but ya...just my birth there( German birth certificate)required me to get one.
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