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  1. I had my interview on Nov 19th and my visa was approved. I thank each one of you and all those who used to be around during the time my processing was going on, for all the support and guidance! The interview was fairly straightforward. The following questions were asked: When did you meet? Where did you meet? When did you get engaged? How long were you in the US before? Did you overstay? Did you work while you were there? Why did you stay in Hong Kong? What does your husband do? Where does he live? How many people attended your wedding? For this last question, while answering I offered to show the pictures I had taken with me. But CO said its okay, no need to see them. That got me a little worried, but the next thing she said was that the visa is approved. I did a lot of overthinking on account of a lot of minor things. But none of those things mattered in the end. All I can tell my fellow aspirants, is that most of it is in our head. We are all trying to legally join our husbands and their intention is only to help us and eliminate fraud. As long as we are good with the documents, we should be okay. Good luck to all of you! God willing, you will all be joining spouses soon.
  2. Hearty Congratulations!! That's wonderful.. It's finally over and you guys are together
  3. I'm soo ready to do that!! Thanks a ton for your wishes! Wishing you the best ❤️
  4. I have finally received the interview letter!! On the last leg of this process after a long wait of two years ! All praise be to God. ❤️ IL - October 24th Interview - November 19th Embassy - Mumbai
  5. No worries! Please do drop a note here when the next batch of ILs arrive for November!!
  6. Where are all the MUM folks? Please also come to the good old VJ! Feels all lonely in here without MUM folks consoling each other. 😕
  7. We have been trying since two days. Not getting through. Nothing in MUM whatsapp group??
  8. Has anyone got in touch with NVC to ask if they're still scheduling for November? We tried yesterday morning, but didn't get through. 😕
  9. Ammy

    NVC to Mumbai

    Hey do you mind sharing your interview experience? All those in this thread who got their interviews done, please share your experience with us
  10. Anymore ILs for Mumbai? Did they get into July CC dates yet. I am sorry for bothering you guys. But in this two year wait, I have never been so impatient and worried. 😕
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