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  1. I also adjusted from F1-OPT so I can speak from my experience. See below for the answers in red - I hope it helps! FORM I-131: - Part 3. Page 2. Item 1 and 2: Date of Intended Departure and Expected Length of Trip (in days): I don't know the date of when I'm planning to travel outside of the US yet so therefor also don't know the length of the trip. Do I leave this blank/N/A? What do I put here? - Part 7. Page 4: On a separate sheet of paper, explain how you qualify for an Advance Parole Document, and what circumstances warrant issuance of advance parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions): Do you guys have any advice on how to "explain how one qualifies for Advance Parole"? lol. You do not need to answer this. FORM I-765: - Part 1. Page 1. Item 1.a: I am applying for (select only one box): √ Initial permission to accept employment. - Replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged employment authorization document or correction my employment authorization document NOT DUE to US Citizenship and Immigration Services error. - Renewal of my permission to accept employment. Attach a copy of your previous employment authorization document. I selected the "initial permission to accept employment" because I thought that this is a different case (Adjustment of Status through spouse) than me applying for a renewal of my EAD that I got through being an F1 student. Did I interpret this correctly? You are correct. - Part 2. Page 3. Item 25: "Your current Immigration Status or Category (for examples, B-2 visitor, F-1 student, parolee, deferred action, or no status or category)": I put "F-1 STUDENT ON OPT. Should I put something different? Yes. Or just F-1 Student - Part 2. Page 3. Item 27: Eligibility Category: Would it be (c)(9)? Yes. FORM I-485: - Part 1. Page 2. Item 19: "Nonimmigrant Visa Number from this Passport": So I have two passports from my foreign country (one is expired and one is current). The one that has my expired VISA in it is the expired passport. The one I used at my last arrival is my current passport that doesn't contain the VISA number in it. Should I include the Nonimmigrant Visa Number in the answer of item 19 even though it isn't in reference to "this Passport"? - Part 1. Page 3. Item 24: "What is your current immigration status (if it has changed since your arrival?": At my arrival I was still in school and hadn't graduated yet. It was F1 at the time, but is it now F1 on OPT? Now that I am on an OPT but my VISA has expired.. what is my current immigration status? You are still an F-1 Student, just now on OPT. So put F-1 Student. - Part 2. Page 3. Item NOTE: "Attach a copy of the Form I-797 receipt or approval notice for the underlying petition or application, as appropriate.": Isn't this only applicable in the case of when someone files just an I-130 instead of a concurrent I-130 and I-485? Not needed. - Part 5. Page 7. Item 10: "Is your current spouse applying with you?": Thats a no right? Because he is a US Citizen and doesn't "need" to apply for a permanent residence? You are correct. FORM I-130/FORM I-130A/I-485: - Mailing Address: Me and my husband are a little worried about having our mailing address be the same as our physical address just because we don't know if we will be living at our place for longer than the next 3 months. We were thinking that the USCIS would send all the documents to our mailing address only right? Therefore we were planning on putting my husband's parent's address (in Texas) on the forms instead of our physical address. Would this be the safe option? Has anyone done that before? - Employment History: item #: 42. - 49.b: Like I said, I'm on an OPT but because I am a freelance video artist, I have had multiple gigs (+7) over the course of this year since I have gotten my OPT but I have NEVER worked anywhere as a Full Time or Part Time employee. Should I list all the gigs I have done titling the Employer: "Self Employed" and Address: my home address and Occupation: OPT Freelance Video for _____(company) ? or should I title the Employer: the employer I did the gig for and state the Occupation as: OPT Freelance Video? I have also worked at my school as a teacher assistant multiple times for multiple teachers, so I am guessing I should include all those as well? Someone recommended me to fill out Employer 1 as OPT-F1-STUDENT-ACADEMIC and state the Date to: time that my OPT started and Date from: PRESENT and then just start at Employer 2 on the most recent gig I did, but I'm really not sure about that suggestion.. - Additional Information: So on almost every form there is a section to include additional information for Previous Employers or Previous Home Addresses. The thing that confuses me is what item number to refer to (together with the page number and part number). How did you guys gather what item number to put in? My examples: - (I-485) For address history 3. a. Page Number: 4 3.b. Part Number: 3 3.c. Item Number: leave blank 3.d. Address History: Physical Address 3 Address Date From: Date To: 4. a/b/c/: same as 3. 4.d. Address History: Physical Address 4 Address Date From: Date To: Continue with the physical address 5,6,7.
  2. I also got my EAD expedited so I'm more than happy to share some of my cover letter details with you. I'm sure OP will too. Some of the documents are very specific to my situation, so I would list out everything that would be considered a financial constraint to you, had you have to pass on this offer. A paragraph talking about the losses I would face: "The loss of this job offer will not only result in a severe financial loss to us but also will consequently impact my career as I stand to suffer a major professional setback, given the unique nature of this opportunity. Lastly, I would lose the opportunity to have health insurance coverage through this employer as I am not currently insured since my husband and I cannot afford to pay the spouse premium. Please find the following documents to support my claims, presented in the following order: USCIS email notice requesting additional information Job offer letter highlighting the expiration date of abc. Proof of the employment gap: previous EAD card, Employment verification letter from my previous employer Proof of current health situation: not insured, needing emergency wisdom teeth extractions, Proof of my husband’s current health insurance plan stating a $x increase in premium per month for spouse, Dentist’s emergency treatment plan for three wisdom teeth extractions estimating over $x Outstanding monthly expenses that are currently being paid solely by my husband: Residential rental contract showing our monthly rent of $x Outstanding loans that are currently being paid solely by my husband: A student loan statement with a remaining balance of $x, Auto loan statements with a total remaining balance of $x, A wedding expenses loan statement with a total remaining balance of $x A certified copy of marriage certificate
  3. Below is my additional form format. I had over 10 employers so lol Just got my green card so I guess this format I did was accepted. Attachment with additional information for I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary Spouse Beneficiary Name: Abc A-Number: A-abc Page Number: 2; Part Number: 2 Employment History: Employer 3 The spouse beneficiary has additional employment history that could not fit on the form. Name of Employer/Company: Address: Occupation: Date From: Date To:
  4. I also had my F1-OPT EAD card. Choose the first box. These are two separate cases.
  5. I'm glad to hear yours went well too!!! My case status for both form changed to "Interview completed and my case must be review" this morning, which was weird. But I have read it was common and our officer already handed us a confirmation approval letter so I wasn't too worried. The status on my I-485 just changed to "New Card being produced" just now so I would say within 24-36 hours!
  6. Our interview was WAY better than we expected. To be honest, I had been extremely nervous this past month even though I know we were prepared. Our officer was very friendly and made us both feel at ease. She definitely studied our application, as she shared that she had a good understanding of what kind of couple we were before us coming in. She also read our affidavit letter of support (which I didn't think they usually do!!!) - she was going though our photos and then asked whether our friend, who wrote the letter, was in these photos (!!!). A majority of her questions were to confirm our answers from both the I-130 and I-485 forms. She also asked if we wanted to submit new documents and then collected everything I shared with her (see my list below for our bona fide docs we brought). There was only one question that not form-related was "how did you guys meet?" and that was it! My advice to everyone is to come in prepared with documents, and be your normal self. If you didn't remember something, don't panic - we are not perfect! Dress business casual - you don't have to go business professional. Here's our bona fide docs. I also brought a copy of our I-865 financial form and supporting docs. Joint Bank Accounts Insurance Copy of the Lease - Rental Contract Utility Bills Selected Photos Documenting Relationship Travel Itineraries: Incoming Wedding Plan Proof of Co-ownership of Pet Affidavit Letter of Support
  7. Had our interview today in Charlotte, NC and got approved on the spot! I will share the documents and details of the interview later today after work for those that are having theirs soon. It's been quite a journey this past six months - we are beyond happy!!!
  8. Hi there, Yes, I received my EAD after expediting for it and then my interview was also scheduled for next month! You can check out my timeline in the signature section.
  9. Will do! We are preparing for all the docs they asked for atm.
  10. Hi there, fellow Charlotte here. Ours is scheduled for Sept. 23. When's yours?
  11. Hi there, has he started looking for jobs yet? I wouldn't wait until you get EAD to start applying because it would take quite a bit before you start to hear back for interviews. For me personally, I started job search as soon as we submitted our visa application package. My typical day would include researching into the job market in my area, looking into networking opportunities, scheduling meetings with recruiters, while working on some professional skills like coding, certifications, etc. This period of time is hard for everyone involved, and my ambition and support from husband really got me going, and I just kept going. I hope that helps. Virtual hugs to you!
  12. Oh yea, for sure. And I already got mine after expediting so I always think I got lucky.
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