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  1. Do you think they will let me do it without the notice? I will try tomorrow anyway.
  2. Yall, let me share with you my frustrating experience so far. I am one of the early April filers: submitted everything on the 4th, NOAs received on the 13th, yet NEVER got my biometrics appointment. I have called USCIS five times and was always told that they haven't sent out mine and sometimes biometrics appointments don't come within 30 days (?!). Then this Monday (05/13), my status was updated to "Notice Was Returned To USCIS Because The Post Office Could Not Deliver It"... GUESS WHAT? After talking to the 2nd tier agent, it turned out that I was scheduled for MAY 3RD for my biometrics(!!!!!) but the post office didn't deliver that letter to me, even though I have received every other mails from them just fine. Today, I changed my address and was told they will reschedule and I will hear back within the next 30 days. I am now set back for a month just because that damn mail wasn't delivered. This is just beyond frustrating.
  3. Hi all, I am adjusting my status through marriage and am currently waiting for my EAD card. I plan to expedite the process by using a job offer, claiming a financial loss. I have seen many of you have done this, and was wondering if you could share with me how you talked to your employer about the process, convincing them to offer you a position while you expedite the process? I have a position offer pending, and my employer just disclosed that their lawyer stated that I cannot expedite the process using an offer letter (?!). I also made sure they know that there's a good chance that USCIS will not approve the expedition. And I am looking for more info that I can forward to them about this whole process as well.
  4. Hi everyone, I have followed this thread for a while as I plan to use a job offer to expedite my application for the EAD card. For those that have done the same, what information did you share with your employer that made them willing to wait for you? Was the job offer enough for your case? Would love to hear from all of you while I go back and read all 70 pages of this thread, haha.
  5. My I-485 status just changed to "Document Was Mailed To Me" today so I called USCIS to see what it was. He said if it was a RFE, it would have shown up in his system but it didn't so he couldn't tell me what doc that was... I am hoping that it's my biometric appointment T__T
  6. Here's mine. I was three days after you. Package Sent (overnight via UPS): 04/04/2019 Delivered to USCIS: 04/05/2019 Texts & Emails Received: 04/09/2019 (Checks Cashed Out: 04/10) NOA: 04/09/2019 NOA Mails Received: 04/13/2019
  7. Congrats yall!!! I took a look at both of your timelines and saw that mine was earlier yet I still have had my bio appt yet T____T Just called and was told to follow up next week, since it's not reached the "30-day period" yet...
  8. Thank you. I talked to someone last week and had to wait 30 mins too. It's been 22 days since they received our package, status has changed to fingerprint fee received, got the NOAs but no sign of biometric appt or RFE so I don't know if i need to try calling again. USCIS told us to just wait...urg.
  9. Hi there, Did you use this number and options when calling USCIS? 800-375-5283 Press 1, 1, 2, 2
  10. Thank you! Just called and after 30 mins waiting, they told me everything looks good but they haven't mailed out anything yet (neither a RFE nor a biometrics appt) So I guess all I can do is keep waiting.
  11. @Manav91 and @isabel_sh, what number did you use to contact USCIS? I may call them today as well.
  12. Having applied to many different industries, higher education is the most understanding when it comes to working with foreigners, in my opinion. I worked as the Assistant Director of Admissions at a liberal arts college so here's my thoughts for you if you want to enter the higher education field: apply now! You are right about the process, we move very slow in this realm. Answer "Yes" to the authorization, and answer "No" to the sponsorship. You are not lying about your status, the fact is that you will get an EAD with authorization to work soon. The whole interview process is for the employer and you to figure out whether you are a good fit, and that they fit you. Throughout the interviews, you can always ask them about the timeline - if they said they were looking for someone ASAP, you can disclose your situation, and give them the chance to think about it. Once you get the offer, HR can work with you to either expedite the EAD card process or by then, you already have your EAD with you and they just have to process it. Institutions of higher education are very familiar with working with foreigners, especially with visa sponsorships. So the fact that you are petitioning for your green card is not really a concern for them. If your employer/future boss likes you and wants you, HR will work with you. When I was a F1 student, I applied for jobs in higher ed since August and my graduation was in December. My OPT didn't even come until February but I didn't get an offer until March (and that was for H1b sponsorship so that's a more challenging process). Don't wait until your EAD card comes to apply. Start now.
  13. Gotcha thank you! That's an hour away from me I will try the one near me to see what they say first and if they can't help I guess I will make a trip further.
  14. Wait really? Do you have a valid I-94 as well? Mine expired May I ask which DMV you went to?
  15. @runninggirl my license expired and I really want to renew to NC driver license but from their website, it looks like the I-797C confirmation is not good enough unless you have your I-94 or EAD card... I may try to go in this week to see what they say but their offices take forever to be seen so...
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