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  1. Alright, we're a bit confused about what part of the process she's in. First off, did she already apply to the Passport India Office and get an appointment? See here: https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/pccOnlineApp How this went for us is that you schedule, you pay the fee, pick a location and then you get a confirmation receipt. That confirmation receipt should have had all the documents that they would need to see on her scheduled date. She has to appear at the Passport Office with all the documents. Make two sets of copies of these documents. They will look at what she brought. When the process is done there, your police certificate will be initiated. PCC status changes online. My fiancé got a call in a day or two from his local police station. They came to the house to verify his identity and see he was physically present. A lower-ranking Police Officer (Hawaldar) met his parents and, in our case, asked for a copy of the electricity bill and the maintenance of the building. The police will also ask for a second set of copies of what you submitted to the passport office. The Hawaldar told my fiancé he had to come meet his boss/the inspector at the Police Station and gave him a list of additional things needed. If this was the stage she was in, did she give a copy of her approved I-797C notice? She should have had it. One thing you should understand is that NOTHING in India ever gets done on time. We started our Police Clearence process on February 12th when we still didn't even have a case number. It was suppose to be ready within in a week but it took him a month to get it between the Passport Office and Police Station. Each one kept blaming the other. Our advice: MAKE SURE SHE GOES PHYSICALLY TO THE PASSPORT OFFICE IF SHE ENCOUNTERS ISSUES. Do not call, nothing will get sorted out. She does not need a case number or a specific email saying it finally was sent to the Consulate, she just needed some proof that the case got approved and her NAO2 should have been adequate.
  2. We got our DS-160 finally paid (it took about 24 hours for the payment to process since he went to the bank in person). We saw an interview date of 4/05 and took it. Biometrics have been scheduled for 4/03. A little close for us but the way we've seen in go with other timelines is: -Ships out on Tuesday to Mumbai, Mumbai has received it historically on Monday. This next Monday, March 25th is when it should arrive. -Packet 4 is sent and can be received anywhere from 7 days (including the weekend) to 18 days depending on where it's being shipped to. Since he's in Mumbai, we expect it to be the minimum of 7 days so April 1st. We're still a bit confused on what we need to bring for medical. Some people have said just the email notification that it shipped. We don't have an appointment for that but will let you know how it goes. According to the Embassy, we can reschedule multiple times. Will you also let us know if you saw different dates and what was most avaliable? If we need to reschedule, it might be nice to know what was the earliest from your end too.
  3. It's taking around 30+ days just to receive a case number. The NVC send date to the consulate really just depends on when you received your case number. Since they ship out cases to the consulate every two weeks on Tuesdays and 3/05 was the next Tuesday scheduled, if we had maybe received our case number on Monday, 02/25 or Tuesday, 02/26...we probably would have made the 3/05 shipment and only had to wait a week. But instead, since they approved on Thursday, 2/28, we unluckily missed whatever cutoff they had established making our wait almost 3 weeks. It just comes down to luck and good timing. So ours was 30 days to receive a case number, then additional 19 days just to get it sent to the consulate.
  4. Our case finally left the NVC for the Mumbai Consulate. Originally was received by NVC on 02-28 (the wait has been excruciating since we somehow missed the cutoff for the 03-05 send date). We did not receive any kind of email today which we thought was odd, but go figure. Our case has updated on the ceac website as In Transit as of 9 a.m. this morning. Last week someone posted in the India NAO2-> NVC forum that they saw theirs go in the early morning too.
  5. For those looking to this forum for if anyone had their case leave the NVC for the Mumbai Consulate, we finally did. Our case was received by NVC on 02-28 (the wait has been excruciating). We did not receive any kind of email which we thought was odd. Our case has updated on the ceac website as In Transit as of 9 a.m. this morning.
  6. Does anyone here that has gone through the medical, biometrics and interview know if you actually need to bring anything from packet 4?
  7. Yes, we didn't make it. Checked the tracker religiously. We missed it. Ours would have been Mumbai.
  8. We received our case number on Thursday, 2/28 hence our surprise and our comments to let others who may have got it on the same date thay we didn't make this shipment.
  9. Thanks for the wishes but just called for the NVC rep to tell us that we did not get our case shipped. Still in Admin Processing apparently. Looks like if you didn't get it in the morning, you won't be getting it shipped out at all.
  10. I can't wait to get to the point where I never have to contact the NVC for anything again. Waited on hold for over an hour and then the representative put me on hold twice during the call (she wasn't looking anything up with my case, talking to someone else in the background). I swear it feels like I keep getting the same woman who has like a semi-jamaican accent. I had questions about whether or not our case was shipped and what a case number truly means. She literally kept cutting me off before I could even get a question out. Am I correct to assume then a case number means IT HAS NOT been processed? According to the call center rep, it's just another way of recording receiving of the case and then it goes into more "admin" processing which *SHOCKER* has absolutely no estimated timeframe. No 90 days, 6 week, 8 weeks whatever. They can keep it for as long as they want. No confirmation either that they ship on Tuesdays. I wonder why there's so much secrecy around shipping schedules? So no 3/05 shipment date with our NAO2 of 1/29 and Case # received on 2/28. If you didn't get a notification or update on CEAC in the morning, you missed it.
  11. Thanks for the update! Congrats on moving on to the next step! I hope you're right that they'll update statuses throughout the day. We would hate to wait all the way for the 3/19 shipment especially since we already went over the average time for the NVC just to give us a csse number but it is what it is at this point.
  12. Replying just to let others know that may be in the same boat: We have a NVC case receive date of 02/28. We have not received an email or had our CEAC status updated. Since ours would be going to Mumbai, India, A DHL shippers reference of EXP 05 MAR 2019A has not brought up anything yet. 
  13. Replying just to let others know that may be in the same boat: We have a NVC case receive date of 02/28. We have not received an email or had our CEAC status updated. Since ours would be going to Mumbai, India, A DHL shippers reference of EXP 05 MAR 2019A has not brought up anything yet.
  14. Did anyone see a shipment or get an email that their case shipped out today? We have a NVC case receive date of 02/28 and not seeing DHL have a shippers reference of EXP 05 MAR 2019A for India and haven't received an email yet. No case update on CEAC of in transit. Posting so others may compare.
  15. Can someone confirm the following based off of what's listed here in the old pages of this forum: Is it true that after you get a case # from the NVC, you can fill out your ds-160, pay all fees, AND you can book all of your appointments (e.g. medical, biometrics/ofc, in-person interview)? And you should atleast book both medical and biometrics atleast 1 week prior to whatever interview date you're able to catch? Is this correct? Do people really have to wait for the CEAC to show 'READY' to do any of the background work? Are people just nervous that it won't get to the Embassy in time for the interview date they've selected or are they waiting for it to say ready to be able to actually schedule an interview?